Claudia Schiffer needed a bodyguard for her lingerie


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Claudia Schiffer needed a lingerie bodyguard

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  • Claudia Schiffer needed a bodyguard for her lingerie
  • Robin Schulz shares rare couple shots with his girlfriend

25. October 2022

Claudia Schiffer has been one of the top German and international models known all over the world since the 1990s. In an interview in London, she now reports that the hype surrounding her and her model colleagues was enormous at the time: 'It was crazy. You couldn't even get into the car without having a lane created first (...) People cut holes in our fashion tent just for a snapshot.'

Probably the strangest thing is that the 52-year-old had to hire someone to look after her underwear – a lingerie bodyguard, so to speak. The reason for this: 'The disappeared constantly'. There are probably worse jobs.

24. October 2022

  Robin Schultz
Robin Schulz is in love and shares rare photos with his girlfriend © Instagram, robin__schulz

Robin Schulz total in Love!

Robin Schulz (35) no longer makes a secret of it – on the contrary. He shows it to the whole world: He is in love and super happy!

In small steps, the star DJ makes his girlfriend better and better known: first very discreetly with one couple photo , casually posing. Now he's going a step further and sharing a super private insight: the couple in love holding hands on summer vacation. But all that is apparently not enough for Robin Schulz. He makes his love even more public! When he performs, he takes Star-DJ his girlfriend even on the stage and gives her a big kiss - in front of the whole crowd. But the fans are excited! The kissers are accompanied by cheers and whistles. So love is in the air – and even on stage.

Micaela Schäfer's kissing mouth nipples: That's what her friend thinks of the strange tattoo

  The shepherds with their loved one
The shepherds with their loved one © picture alliance/dpa | Jens Kalaene

Big kisses on the breasts - definitely a sight that takes some getting used to. Reality TV nudibranch Micaela Schäfer (38) recently expanded on her previously existing nipple tattoos. In the meantime, her breasts are adorned with XXL kissable lips. But what does her partner Adriano actually say about the former GNTM participant's new body jewelry?

At a kick-off event for Erotic fair 'Venus' the 38-year-old chatted to 'Promiflash': 'My friend Adriano was not so enthusiastic at first'. But as is well known, unexpected things often happen. In the meantime, the works of art have healed – and her sweetheart's mind has calmed down again. Because he supposedly finds the mouths meanwhile 'surprisingly' cool. Easy to kiss, this partnership.

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