Concern for Anna-Maria Ferchichi: She is in the hospital again


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Anna-Maria Ferchichi reports from the hospital
Anna-Maria Ferchichi reports from the hospital © Instagram

Something struck reports Anna-Maria Ferchichi (40) in the obligatory hospital gown from the hospital. It is the second time in a very short space of time that the woman from Bushido (44) has to be treated medically in the clinic in her new adopted home Dubai.

Anna-Maria had an operation on her leg

“I had a minor surgery on my leg again. They sewed the seams differently from the inside,' reveals Anna-Maria Ferchichi to her fans. And further: “Actually, my leg is healing very well. But little things like that always have to be done again.” But she quickly gives the all-clear: “Now I can go home again.”

And indeed: just a few hours later, the mother of eight calls back from her new home in Dubai. Lying in bed, she reveals: 'I'm resting my leg. My husband is doing sports, the children are with the neighbor. She is so sweet and takes all four children.”

She was recently in a wheelchair

It was not until the beginning of September that the 40-year-old contacted her fans from the hospital. At the time, 'it really blew me away,' explained Anna-Maria. She even had to be in a wheelchair for a short time. The move, the new surroundings, the children's school enrollment - it was all simply too much for the mother of eight children. So she was put on a drip in the hospital and was able to recover from all the stress, as our video below shows:


Not an easy situation for Anna-Maria, as she openly admits: 'It's not the fact of being sick that throws me off track, but being able to do justice to my obsessive perfectionism. I want to be strong for everything and everyone at all times, and I'm almost ashamed when I'm not.'

The Ferchichi couple's emigration plans were accompanied by RTL. The resulting documentary series 'Bushido - RESET' can be seen on RTL+ from October 19th.

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