Confessions of a new mom: Jenny Frankhauser is 'really done'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Jenny Frankhauser admits in a story: Her baby Damian often pushes her to her limits.
Jenny Frankhauser admits in a story: Her baby Damian often pushes her to her limits. © Instagram/jenny_frankhauser

Being a mom is hard! That must Jenny Frankhauser (30) , the half sister of Daniela Katzenberger (36), experience it firsthand. After she and her friend Steffen König (31) became parents for the first time a few months ago, their baby Damian Andreas turns their world upside down - and that pushes the new mum to the limit.

'How much longer can I do this?'

All nights and screaming children: This is how everyday life looks at the moment Jungle Queen 2018 the end. In an Instagram story, she tells her followers: 'We're just really exhausted at the moment. We both hardly sleep at all and the little one sleeps a maximum of two hours – and has been for over three months.' really really exhausted, where I think to myself: 'How much longer can I do this?', which again shows how much the circumstances are taking her away.

The reason for the sleepless nights is Damian's sleep and digestive problems, which means that he drinks very little. The horror for probably all new parents!

A second baby?

In addition to Damian's ailments, Jenny did everything at the beginning. 'Felt like it was my job and nobody else's. At some point I was just done,' she admits. It should be clear that this is not a permanent condition. Meanwhile, the child's father, Steffen, is more involved and the two take turns at night. 'Frankhauser still has the need to 'help'.'

When asked by a user whether she could imagine a second child 'despite the experience with Damian', she replied the reality TV starlet quite clearly: 'Damian is the best thing that could have happened to us and a real ray of sunshine. [...] Of course we would like to have a second baby, but there is still time.” The proud parents want to wait until Damian can eat independently.

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