Cora Schumacher: This is how she explains her changed appearance


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Cora Schumacher explains in an interview with RTL what is behind her apparently changed appearance.
Cora Schumacher explains in an interview with RTL what is behind her apparently changed appearance. ©

by Sebastian Tews and Charlotte Reppenhagen

Cora Schumacher (45) causes a stir with a new photo: While she is posing in the picture quite casually in front of the 'Hollywood' sign in Los Angeles and wants to encourage her fans to go their own way, they are wondering why she is the ex wife of Ralph Schumacher (47) apparently can no longer recognize. At the request of RTL, Cora now expresses herself.

Cora Schumacher explains: Everything is completely harmless

'Go your way and always believe in yourself, no matter what others say...' Cora Schumacher writes under one of her last posts on Instagram. Too bad her followers are less interested in the 45-year-old's words of encouragement and more focused on her looks. Comments like: “Hardly in America, she is no longer recognizable; What a pity' and 'Can't be surpassed in terms of filters..Why only' collect under the posting.

At the request of RTL, Schumacher explains what is behind her changed appearance, which not only causes a stir on her Instagram account, but also in the media. She and her friends had a photo shoot with an American photographer in Los Angeles. 'He just edited them according to the 'American way of photoshop'. The Americans just have a different understanding of Photoshop.”

In an interview with RTL, Schumacher makes it clear how comfortable she feels in the USA : “People are more open, more positive and, above all, treat themselves. In Germany I'm sometimes even looked at strangely because of my tattoos. In the USA they celebrate self-confident and strong women who have achieved something in life and support each other in a completely different way than here. It's more the case that you grow by supporting each other - in Germany you tend to put others down in order to stand higher. I think that's a pity.'

She describes an impression that unfortunately seems to be reflected in the comments under the said posting. Luckily, Cora Schumacher stands above the critical statements of her followers. And jokes in her story: 'Dear Americans, will you please take me in?' After all: In our conversation, Schumacher makes it clear that she sees herself as a 'California Girl'. And afterwards: 'I often think how much I would like to live there. Who knows what else life will bring?!”

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