Corona has kept Rick Kavanian from more serious roles


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  Corona has kept Rick Kavanian from more serious roles
Rick Kavanian plays Charles, the aide-de-camp in 'Hoo Boo and the Witch's Castle.' © 2022 Rat Pack Filmproduktion GmbH/Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH, SpotOn

'Humor is important right now'

Comedian and actor Rick Kavanian (51) returns to cinema screens on November 3 for the sequel to a children's film. In the horror comedy 'Hui Buh und das Hexenschloss' he embodies Charles, the French adjutant of King Julius the 111th, played by Christoph Maria Herbst (56). As in part one in 2006, Michael Bully Herbig (54) lends his voice to the animated title hero Hui Buh. Kavanian has often worked with Herbig, the two have been close friends since the beginning and jumped on the road to success together at the latest with the 'Bullyparade'. Before the second 'Hui Buh' they last competed against each other in 'Beat the Star'.

But Kavanian has long since found his own way. He appears as a dubbing artist in numerous animated films, and he was also seen in the cinema in 'The History of Mankind - Slightly Shortened'. Here's why the comedian hasn't decided to take on a more serious role, how his wife helps him with his work, and why he's never met Pope Benedict XVI. parodied, he reveals in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

We had a scary premiere with the new 'Hui Buh', and it was Halloween: What is Rick Kavanian afraid of?

Rick Kavanian: I'm scared of a lot of things, but one of the things I dread in everyday life is arrogance and stupidity. When people around you take themselves too seriously or importantly or too much and think that they are better than others.

Where did you last see this?

Kavanian: To be honest, that happens quite often: be it at the airport or when shopping.

How have you prepared for the new role now? It's actually an old role. Did you just have to slip back in there?

Kavanian: To be honest, it wasn't a problem at all 'getting back into Charles' because I was lucky enough to be able to develop the role together with our director Sebastian Niemann in the first part and that makes it easier, of course, to take up the role again and to tell.

Unfortunately, Hans Clarin is no longer there, he died shortly after part one. Did he like the movie?

Kavanian: I think so, I really hope so! When we shot the first part back then, he was happy that Bully played Hui Buh and - as far as I can remember - he liked the first part. It was of course a great honor for us at the time and a great pleasure to be able to stand in front of the camera with him. I remember that very clearly. It was very moving because we knew him from our childhood and loved him very much. Serious.

Is he still a role model?

Kavanian: I only knew him a little bit as a person, but definitely artistically.

It feels like you've embodied or dubbed 1,000 characters. Which of these characters is closest to the human Rick Kavanian?

Kavanian: That's a tough question. That may sound a bit trite now - but they are all somehow part of me. One is louder, one is quieter. One is more colourful, one is less colourful. Somehow they are all there and I am very happy and grateful that I can play in so many different ways and show different things. But they are all actually Rick's colors.

Are you actually a Halloween fan? Did you celebrate Halloween or have you in the past?

Kavanian: Not really. It's funny you should ask, but the last time I celebrated Halloween - and that's no lie and no exaggeration - was 20 years ago. That's when Halloween started in Germany. Back then we had a Halloween party with the office community in the basement. I don't know if we knew what we were doing, but it was hilarious. But now... not really, if I'm being honest. But if children ring the bell, we have already prepared a little something.

Do you already have new projects that you are looking forward to?

Kavanian: The start of 'Hui Buh und das Hexenschloss' is my 'last act' this year. I have a lot planned for 2023, but I'll be happy to tell you about them when the time comes.

For example a new season 'LOL' ('Last One Laughing')?

Kavanian: I'm excited about it, but I also have a lot of respect for it, since I was allowed to take part in the first season. It's a very tricky challenge. But I'd be up for it.

Assuming it came to that, who would you look forward to?

Kavanian: There's an awful lot of people. With the cast of the first season I would go straight back to it. There was a great warmth among the colleagues. Certainly also due to the fact that you have known each other for many years. Not only professionally, also privately. It was a nice and positive environment. But I would also look forward to most of the people who have been there so far.

Also on Christoph Maria Herbst? What was it like working with him?

Kavanian: I absolutely love shooting with Christoph. Working with him is great. He is incredibly well prepared, has very precise ideas about what he would like to do and still enjoys playing in a team. And we had a lot of creative freedom. Our director Sebastian Niemann also let us do the scenes that we had together. One thing leads to another during rehearsals. Sebastian was always very receptive and happy about what ideas we had. It's fun with someone like Christoph.

Now your buddy Bully made you look a bit old on 'Schlag den Star'...

Kavanian: Oh, it wasn't that old after all. I admit: I was very old at first. And during the commercial breaks I aged a lot. But then I came back. And in the end it was just a coaster that separated us. Now of course you can say 'Shit happens'. That's what I thought too.


Kavanian: Lost is lost, I know! (laughs)

Can you imagine a revenge?

Kavanian: Yes, I could basically imagine a revenge. It's just great to do a show like that with a friend. It's not like 'Oh, now he's won!', but we were very friendly with each other during the show. That felt good, even if you lost. You also have to be able to give. The show is the show, but afterwards it's private again over a beer together.

Is there a regulars' table with you, Bully and Christian Tramitz?

Kavanian: It wasn't that long ago. We had dinner with Christian two weeks ago. Before Corona, we managed to really meet, exchange ideas and be happy about each other three or four times a year. But this year was admittedly the first time. But we have made a firm commitment: there must be a second meeting before Christmas. It's nice anyway that Christian came to the premiere.

Speaking of the regulars' table: football will soon be parallel to Christmas. Are you interested?

Kavanian: I find football per se interesting. Football at that time and given the geographical possibilities... I still don't have access to that.

Not in a World Cup mood?

Not really.

Back to acting: Do serious roles matter to you?

Kavanian: You'll laugh: Before Corona, I had a phase in which I thought: man, it would be nice to do something more serious just before 50. But when Corona started and people kept coming forward and saying: 'Man, we want to laugh. Do something!' - that's when I really realized how important humor is right now. My dramatic side can wait. As long as I can do my job and make people laugh, I'm very happy with it.

How many more years do you give to your funny side?

Kavanian: Hopefully a lot more! I love being a comedian... making people laugh means a lot to me. It brings back joy.

Can you also imagine working more often without your buddy Bully?

Kavanian: Absolutely. We do a lot of things anyway, in recent years even most things without each other. Only with 'LOL', 'Schlag den Star' or now with 'Hui Buh' did it come up again. It's just always really nice to work with him, because we have been very connected through our friendship for decades, and at work we know very well what we have in each other, what we have already achieved together and what we can expect from each other. We are a well-established team. And of course it's incredibly fun to be able to get something creative off the ground with a friend.

How much does your wife help you in your work?

Kavanian: That's very nice of you to think of my wife. My wife helps me immensely in my work. In fact, my wife is the first person to get my nonsense. When I have ideas, my wife hears them before we even have our first cup of coffee in the morning. And she always has an open ear for me. She has known me for 20 years now and knows what I can and cannot do, is honest and precise. And she's very critical, but lovingly critical so I don't mess around. And she likes it when I'm funny.

You can actually imitate an infinite number of accents and dialects. What's your favorite?

Kavanian: Can't say at all. There are many I can't. For example, I can't speak Saarland or Rhenish or Cologne. I can't name a favorite dialect, but the ones I don't know really appeal to me, even if they are sometimes difficult for me to access. Or as far as parodies are concerned: I used to always want to parody Pope Ratzinger. I never got the voice.

So even a Rick Kavanian has limits?

Kavanian: And what kind!

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