'Coupleontour'-Ina tries on a wig for the first time after her stroke


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  Vanessa von"Coupleontour" zeigt ihren Followern Inas neue Perücke.
Vanessa from 'Coupleontour' combs Ina's wig before the first fitting. © Instagram

A bit of normality is coming back for Ina and Vanessa

Ina (26) from 'Coupleontour' has been going through a very difficult time since her stroke in the summer. In order to let her forget the consequences of her tragic stroke of fate for a brief moment, her wife Vanessa (25) come up with something very special. She has organized a beauty truck that is supposed to pimp the influencer optically – and not only should magic be done with a little make-up and nail polish, but also the new wig should be tried out for the first time.

'Coupleontour'-Ina: 'It was just for a very short moment as if nothing had happened!'

Vanessa actually wanted her wife's 'Coupleontour'. Ina just give her a little joy and do a little make-up and help her try on her new wig. But then the sweet idea turned into a wonderful surprise. Because a friend found out about Vanessa's plan and was right there with her beauty truck. 'The idea today is that Ina feels more comfortable in her own skin,' explains Vanessa in an Instagram story. Since Ina's situation is anything but easy at the moment and some strangers are also involved in this campaign, Vanessa has previously initiated her partner in the styling plans. However, the initial uncertainty was quickly gone and Ina is said to have found the idea really great: 'I want to do it, I think it's really cool,' says Vanessa, very excited.

And the beauty day was a complete success, as Vanessa later tells. Ina was made up, her eyebrows were dyed, her nails were varnished and of course the wig was tried on. Due to her head operation, Ina is not allowed to wear the wig for more than 20-30 minutes so that the scar does not sweat, but visually it is an absolute hit: 'That was really well done,' Vanessa is happy about the head of hair that she tells her followers in advance has shown. And Ina also seems to have done the little journey back to normality well. “I was able to submerge and feel a little like the usual Ina. I enjoyed it very much. Of course, I was also sad about fate. But for the time it was just great,' says Ina herself in a text message after the makeover. 'It was just for a very brief moment as if nothing had happened!'

The reunion with daughter Livi 'warmed her heart'

  Ina tried on her new wig for the first time.
Ina only gives her followers this little insight into her makeover. © Instagram

Unfortunately, Ina had to go back to the hospital in the evening, where she will continue to be treated after her operation at the beginning of November. 'I realized how much I miss everything and that I would like to be with my family,' writes Ina to her followers. 'It's not easy being alone!' But according to Vanessa, the day was a 'motivational boost' for her. And above all her little daughter Livi gave her the greatest moment of happiness of the day: 'That warmed my heart!'

The influencer couple did not want to publish photos of their beauty day – at least not yet. “I wanted to feel like nothing had happened for a little moment. I don't want the pictures to look funny, so we're holding them back for now,' explained Ina in a subsequent question and answer session.

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"Coupleontour"-Ina macht gesundheitliche Fortschritte

Happiness and sadness go hand in hand for Ina and Vanessa

Ina had suffered a severe stroke in July of this year and has been fighting her way back to life ever since. Exactly at this time her little daughter Livi saw the light of day. And as if that wasn't bad enough the 26-year-old had to undergo head surgery in November. The procedure went well so far, but the influencer is still under observation in the hospital. It is not yet certain when she will be allowed to go home again: 'For the time being I have to stay. If there is any news about this, we will keep you posted,' Ina explained to her followers in an earlier question and answer session. ( um )

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