'Coupleontour' star Vanessa celebrates her first birthday as a mother in the hospital


Writed by - Andy Gocker
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Vanessa (left) and Ina (right) became known with their YouTube channel 'Coupleontour'. © Instagram / coupleontour

This birthday will be unlike any other for 'Coupleontour' star Vanessa. When she was just 26, her wife Ina suffered a stroke in July – just a few days before their daughter Olivia Rose was born . Ina was in a coma and paralyzed on one side, but now she is fighting her way back to life step by step . Vanessa is by her side every day – including on her birthday (September 27). It's her first birthday as a mom and at the same time the first she has to spend in the hospital.

Vanessa wishes health and 'a little more happiness'

For an intimate photo that Vanessa shows with her daughter Olivia, she writes: 'Happy Birthday to me! My first birthday as a mom & at the same time my first birthday, which I will spend in the hospital in the afternoon.” For the new year of her life, she wishes above all health and “a little more happiness”. She thanks her followers for the many lovely messages and also “for our friends and family who have our back and try to make this day as beautiful as possible for me and us. Love you!'

In the video: tears of joy! 'Coupleontour'-Ina makes first progress

"Coupleontour"-Ina macht gesundheitliche Fortschritte

Ina wishes that for the future

The severe stroke that completely changed Ina's life was triggered by a hole in the heart that previously went undetected . Now the influencer is fighting her way back to life. At first she couldn't even eat and drink on her own. In the meantime it works again and fortunately she can speak again. 'I hope that we have a carefree and happy family life and that we continue to have a lot of time with the little ones,' she reveals in a Q&A on Instagram. 'I want our whole family to stay so close together. I wish for more ordinary things and then slowly starting to process this event.' At the moment, her biggest goal is to 'become happier'. (devotee)

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