'Crime scene: Murot and the law of karma': multi-talented Anna Unterberger


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"Tatort: Murot und das Gesetz des Karma": Multitalent Anna Unterberger
Anna Unterberger plays Eva - in three disguises - in 'Tatort: ​​Murot and the Law of Karma'. © [M] HR / HR/Bettina Müller / HR, SpotOn

Premiere with Götz George

In 'Tatort: ​​Murot and the Law of Karma' (September 25, Das Erste), Anna Unterberger (37) plays the versatile trickster Eva, who keeps appearing in new roles in order to enrich herself with her victims. Crime fans who bet on their genre on TV on Saturday evening should look particularly familiar.

Commissioner in the 'Steirer' crime series

Because the actress, who was born in Bozen, South Tyrol, was seen for the seventh time as Commissioner Anni Sulmtaler in the popular 'Steirer' crime series (since 2014, Das Erste) by director Wolfgang Murnberger (61, Brenner crime film adaptations).

After 'Steirerstern' (September 24th), according to 'IMDb', there are three more films in the pipeline: 'Steirergeld', 'Steirerkunst' and 'Steirerglück'. Inspector Sascha Bergmann, played by the Viennese actor Hary Prinz (57), is always at Sulmtaler/Unterberger's side.

But that's not all, since 2018 Anna Unterberger has also had a permanent role in the crime series 'Die Toten von Salzburg' (since 2016, ZDF). For four episodes she plays Dr. Angela Doll.

Premiere with Götz George

Anna Unterberger celebrated her premiere in front of the camera in the film adaptation of the play of the same name 'Mein Kampf' in 2009. The Berlin actor Tom Schilling (40, 'Werk ohne Autor') played the young, despotic and untalented draftsman Adolf Hitler and film star Götz George (1938-2016) the Jewish bookseller Schlomo Herzl who takes care of him. Unterberger was seen as Gretchen.

In her filmography there are also such illustrious names as: 'Jud Suess - Film without conscience' (2010) by director Oskar Roehler (63), 'Measuring the World' (2012) by Detlev Buck (59), 'Elser - Er would have changed the world' (2014) by Oliver Hirschbiegel (64), 'Polizeiruf 110 - Wölfe' (2016) by Christian Petzold (62) or 'Munich Murder - One who did it' (2017) by Anno Saul (58) .

According to IMDb, the busy actress is planning an international thriller called “Borderline”.

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