Crown Princess Amalia in the sights of the mafia: That says royal expert Michael Begasse


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Crown Princess Amalia in the Mafia's sights: That's what Royal expert Michael Begasse says about the situation.
Crown Princess Amalia in the Mafia's sights: That's what Royal expert Michael Begasse says about the situation. © RTL, picture alliance

by Jacqueline Vetten

worry about Crown Princess Amalia of the Netherlands : The 18-year-old has apparently been targeted by the Macro-Maffia, had to give up her student apartment in Amsterdam and is now under increased surveillance in the palace in The Hague. What does this mean for the life of the young woman? RTL Royal expert Michael Begasse classifies the situation.

Michael Begasse: 'She will do what is necessary to avoid being in danger.'

'Catharina Amalia is now aware that she is not a normal 18-year-old. That she just can't have fun with her fellow students and move around the houses. And not just being able to fall in love or being normally in love and free with the prince of her heart, who is supposed to exist,' explains Begasse.

But if she had wished for a normal life, Amalia was 'anything but naive'. 'With her mother and her grandmother, she has two strong role models that she can use as a guide and with whom she can shed a tear when necessary,' explains the nobility expert. After all, the 'concrete threats' also had 'a completely new, a brutal quality' for Amalia.

Begasse considers the crown princess to be very level-headed and sensible. 'She will do what is necessary to keep out of danger. She will follow the experts and security staff at the farm, even if it's difficult.'

Amalia can count on the support of her family

He is sure that she will also do well online at the university in Amsterdam. But for her personally, the situation is of course an 'absolute catastrophe', having to spend 'perhaps the best time of my young life in constant fear.'

Fortunately, Amalia can not only rely on her parents, Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander, but also on her two younger sisters Alexia (17) and Ariana (15) during this difficult time. “Alexia and Ariane aren't little girls anymore and they understand what's going on in their big sister's life. 'Triple-A', as I always like to call the three, have a very close bond and support each other. Because all three know: We are not normal Dutch women, we are princesses and our dad is (stupidly) the king,' says Begasse.

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