Cute! Yeliz Koc shows photos from her childhood


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Yeliz Koc ist neu am Starstrand
Yeliz Koc shows photos from her childhood © RTLZWEI / Photo: Paris Tsitsos, PARIS TSITSOS

Who is behind these cute children's photos? None other than reality TV star Yeliz Koc ! The 28-year-old now takes her fans on a journey into the past.

Yeliz shows a whole new side

By participating in ' Der Bachelor “, „ The star's summer home ' and ' Bachelor in Paradise ' Yeliz Koc became a reality TV star. In addition, the 28-year-old beauty keeps making headlines with the Mud fight between her and ex-boyfriend Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht (30) .

But now Yeliz shows a completely different side of herself and shares two cute snapshots from her childhood with her Instagram followers.

  Yeliz Koc shares children's photos
With these children's photos, Yeliz makes her followers rave © Instagram, _yelizkoc_

This is how Yeliz Koc is known today

Even at a young age, Yeliz showed real star qualities. 'I think I wanted to be a model,' she jokes of her first childhood snap, which shows her younger self looking seriously at the camera. Did you know then that you would become a TV celebrity?

Today, Yeliz has almost 570,000 fans on Instagram and causes quite a stir with her appearances in various reality formats. But one thing hasn't changed to this day. 'My hair still looks the same,' Yeliz notes. Do they also wear their mane? Daughter Snow Elanie , which you in October 2021 mit Ex Jimi Blue gave birth to will pass on?

In the video, Yeliz talks about her Playboy shoot

  What a fuss that was after her Playboy shoot

Yeliz is looking for great love on 'RTL +'.

During Yeliz 2018 fought for the favor of Rosenkavalier Daniel Völz (37) in 'The Bachelor'. , she is soon on the other side. In the dating show 'Make Love, Fake Love' she will look for true love this winter on 'RTL +'. . 'I always fall for the wrong people and of course I hope that I've learned a lot now and find the right one,' said the TV celebrity shortly before filming. It remains to be seen what Yeliz will make headlines next. (ean)

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