Dahmer victim's mother angry at Evan Peters after Golden Globes win


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 Dahmer victim's mother angry at Evan Peters after Golden Globes win
In 'Dahmer' Evan Peters embodies the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. © Ser Baffo/Netflix © 2022, SpotOn

He played the serial killer

Actor Evan Peters (35) received the Golden Globe for best actor in a mini-series on Wednesday evening (January 11) for his portrayal of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the Netflix series 'Dahmer'. And that causes displeasure among the survivors of the victims of the notorious serial killer: The mother of Dahmer's victim Tony Hughes, Shirley Hughes, complained to 'TMZ' that Peters should have used his acceptance speech to pay tribute to the families of the victims of Dahmer's actions.

She also urges Hollywood to stop telling and glorifying stories about killers. The sixth episode of the Netflix series revolves around Tony Hughes' story. Dahmer murdered the deaf African American on May 24, 1991 and left his body in his bedroom for several days.

'It's a shame'

In his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes on Wednesday, Evan Peters said he hoped his win and the series would do good. Hughes' mother disagrees, as she explains to the gossip portal: Nothing good can come of it. According to her, the award only causes more grief for the families of Dahmer's victims as they are reminded of the tragedy over and over again. 'It's a shame that people can use our misfortune to make money out of it. The victims never saw a dime. We feel these emotions every day.'

Criticism of portrayal of Tony Hughes in 'Dahmer'

Shortly after the Netflix series was released in September 2022, there was criticism of Tony Hughes' portrayal. The accusation: the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was downplayed and humanized. At the time, Shirley Hughes complained that the series was said to contain serious inaccuracies. 'I don't understand how they can do that,' the 85-year-old told British newspaper The Guardian. 'I can't see them using our names and publishing something like that.'

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