Damar Hamlin watches first game after cardiac arrest in hospital


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 Damar Hamlin watches first game after cardiac arrest in hospital
Damar Hamlin is back. © imago images/Icon Sportswire, SpotOn

Buffalo Bills pay tribute to him

NFL star Damar Hamlin (24) watched his team's Buffalo Bills game from the hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. The football player posted a photo on Instagram showing him sitting up in his hospital bed. He forms a heart with his hands. A week ago, Hamlin collapsed on the field during a game against the Cincinnati Bengals and had to be resuscitated.

'Gametime' (in German about 'playing time') wrote the safety to the picture. He cheered on his teammates with 'LFG', which is short for 'Let's f***ing Go'. Like his parents, who are sitting next to him in the hospital, he has the words 'Love for Damar' and his jersey number 3 on his shirt. The post has been liked over a million times on Instagram.

'It's matchday and there's nothing I wish for more than running out of the players' tunnel with my lads,' Hamlin had written two hours earlier. 'God is using me in a different way today! Tell someone you love them today'.

Buffalo Bills pay tribute to Damar Hamlin on court

Damar Hamlin and his family also watched a show of solidarity from his teammates in front of the TV. Buffalo Bills players carried flags with the number 3 and the phrase 'Pray for Damar' before the game against the New England Patriots. Before kickoff, the team thanked the doctors who saved Damar Hamlin's life on January 2nd.

The Buffalo Bills also gave their all for their convalescent colleague in terms of sport. They got off to a spectacular start, intercepting the Patriots' kickoff and countering it with a touchdown. For three years and three months, the Bills had not made such a move. 'It had to be this way,' the club wrote on Twitter of their number 3. 'It's no coincidence, God is behind it,' Hamlin replied. In the end, his team beat the Patriots 35-23.

Damar Hamlin continues on the mend

On January 8, Dean Hamlin had reported for the first time from the hospital. 'When you bring real love into the world, it comes back to you three times as strong,' he wrote, among other things. 'The love has been overwhelming, but I am grateful for every single person who has prayed for me and asked about me.'

Three days earlier he had woken up from the induced coma. On January 6, the defender was able to breathe again without artificial help for the first time.

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