Danni Büchner has lost 15 kilos: 'My children are worried about me'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
"Meine Kinder finden, ich darf nicht noch mehr abnehmen"

Danni Buechner (45) feels stronger and more comfortable than ever! The widow of Jens Buechner (†49) has decreased – and enormously. Today it weighs 15 kilograms less . A radical change that is not only noticed by her followers, but of course also by Danni's children. In the VIPstagram talk, she reports why they are starting to worry about their mom. You can see the interview in the video above.

Danni Büchner has lost weight – and still gets hate

Daniela 'Danni' Büchner can't seem to please anyone: before her diet, many followers felt she was 'too fat'. With 15 kilograms less, she was suddenly 'too thin', a few voices from her community would find. Apparently, her family is also alarmed: 'My older children don't think it's good anymore, they're worried,' says Danni.

In the VIPstagram talk, the “Goodbye Germany” star talks about why she loves being “slim”. After all, since her first pregnancy, she hasn't weighed as little as she does today.

What triggered her disciplined diet, what bothers her followers about her body today and why Danni's older kids are more critical of her changes can be seen in the video above.

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