David Beckham: Tears on the Queen's coffin - after 12 hours of waiting!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  David Beckham cries in front of the Queen's coffin

He too has endured the long wait to get away from Queen Elizabeth II. (1926 – 2022) to adopt. That David Beckham (47) has a special relationship with the British royal family is no longer a secret, the football star was even invited as a guest to royal weddings. No wonder, then, that he, like many others, wanted to take the opportunity to speak personally at Westminster Hall the late monarch to adopt. We show the highly emotional scenes in which tears well up in his eyes in the video above.

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David Beckham lined up at night

Although David Beckham is one of the most well-known football stars in the world, he now joined the 'Elizabeth Line' with the many mourning people in a very unpretentious and down-to-earth manner to pay their last respects to the Queen lying in state in Westminster Hall. And the ex-kicker took a lot on himself for that, after all, the regular waiting time for mourning people was around 40 hours at the peak, the queue is said to have been 16 km long at times – the largest rush that London has ever experienced. More than a million people were expected in the run-up to the funeral in the English capital.

Incidentally, Beckham is said to have queued up at night and therefore “only” waited around 12 hours. In fact, he didn't go unnoticed in the queue for long, although he protected his face from prying eyes with a cap pulled down low. He passed the long wait with fan talks and selfies. And indeed, he was finally allowed to enter Westminster Hall.

It's hard for him to hold back his tears

Pictures from the hall, in which the coffin is laid out under strict surveillance, show how much Beckham also suffers from the death of the Queen. In addition to many other grieving fans, the 47-year-old walks towards him, can hardly hold back the tears, his face is marked by grief. The former professional athlete looks awestruck and touched, but also deeply vulnerable.

RTL met Beckham after his visit to the coffin

RTL met Beckham after his stay in Westminster Hall and spoke to him about the moment he was standing by the coffin: 'It was very emotional, this silence, the atmosphere in the room is difficult to describe. We are all here to say thank you to Her Majesty the Queen for being so warm and caring and reassuring over the years Queen once triggered. Beckham also pledges his support to the new king. 'When we stop mourning the Queen, there's a new king - it's a difficult situation right now.'

David Beckham and the Queen share a history together

  The Queen is delighted with David Beckham.
Queen Elizabeth II was particularly happy about David Beckham at the 'Young Leader Award'. © RTL Interactive

David Beckham first met the Queen live in public in 2002. At the opening of the 17th Commonwealth Games at the City of Manchester Stadium in July of that year, he had presented the 'Golden Jubilee Baton' to the monarch, who then opened the games.

Just one year later, in November 2003, David Beckham, who was still a soccer star at the time, was awarded the OBE (Order of the British Empire) by the Queen. “I am honored and privileged to receive this recognition. It's not just for me, it's for Manchester United, England, all my team-mates and my family.'

He then had the honor of gaining audiences with the Queen several times – including in relation to the annual Queen's Young Leaders Awards .

Today, Beckham is considered closely associated with the royal family, including the Royal Weddings of Prince William and Princess Kate in 2011 and Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan in 2018 on the guest list. (cch)

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