David Hasselhoff: ''Ze Network' is unlike anything before'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Left to right: Henry Hübchen (Henry Hübchen), Melli Spitz (Lisa Marie Koroll), David Hasselhoff (David Hasselhoff)
Henry Hübchen, Lisa Marie Koroll David Hasselhoff (from left) © TVNOW / Stefan Erhard

And… action! The shooting of the RTL+ series 'Ze Network' is long over - and now the broadcast date is also available: From 1.11. the agent thriller with a fast-paced story, daring twists and full of black humor will be streamable on RTL+. In the middle: Hollywood star David Hasselhoff (70) and Grimme award winner Henry Hübchen (74) as... herself! Your history? As over the top as it is unbelievable: Because a theatrical role throws her into the center of an international conspiracy of former Cold War assassins. Too crazy to be true, right? No wonder Hasselhoff is beginning to doubt his sanity. In an interview, he explains why the US star thinks the series is so groundbreaking.

'A must-see weird action comedy'

Mr. Hasselhoff, you play the leading role in the new RTL+ original “Ze Network”. Why is?

Ze Network is a must-see quirky action comedy. The series is about how I came to Germany to reinvent myself as an actor in the theater. There I meet, among others, the well-known actor Henry Hübchen. However, I do not understand German and therefore do not understand much of what is happening around me. And then I suddenly find myself in the middle of a secret agent conspiracy... I have to find out whether my role is slowly losing my mind or whether everything is real!

What's it like playing yourself?

It doesn't matter which role I embody - I only ever play one role. I'm really excited to play myself in Ze Network, but I'm still not 100%. In addition, you experience me in the series as a serious secret agent - very different from the sunny boy that the Germans know from me.

What can viewers look forward to in the series?

'Ze Network' is unlike anything that has come before. The series is a colorful mix and very innovative in its own way. I am very proud of this project. It is emotional, action-packed, funny and sad at the same time. The humor is sometimes so black that you laugh at the most inappropriate moments. In addition, the audience will always ask themselves the question: Is this really fact or just fiction?

What was it like working with RTL again?

I have a long history with RTL. At that time, Helmut Thoma was still the managing director. He called me and told me I was the reason RTL existed. I was speechless myself, but the first show that the station bought from America was 'Knight Rider' and brought RTL the success that the station still has today.

That's what the new series with David Hasselhoff is all about

In addition to David and Henry, there are also Lisa-Marie Koroll ('Bibi & Tina'), Maximilian Mundt ('How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)'), Serkan Kaya ('KBV - No Special Incidents'), Maike Jüttendonk ('Other Parents'), Max Befort ('Immenhof'), Anja Herden ('Tatort: ​​Dortmund') and Urs Rechn ('Dogs of Berlin') in front of the camera.

Filming will be in English and German. In addition to the original version, a German dubbed version is also available on RTL+. It starts on November 1st. on RTL+.

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  David Hasselhoff's words of welcome to his new series
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