Demi Moore: Enviable bikini body at 59


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 Demi Moore felt insecure in swimwear
Demi Moore felt insecure in swimwear © DFree/Shutterstock, SpotOn

This woman can't be 59 years old in her life! Demi Moore Says goodbye to summer on her Instagram profile. And much to the delight of her fans, she does so by posting several breath-taking bikini photos of herself. Within a very short time there were over 200,000 likes for the great snapshots.

Strict diet for the dream body

 Demi Moore has an enviable bikini body at 59
Demi Moore has an enviable bikini body at 59 © unknown

Demi Moore's stunning body is no accident, it's a lot of hard work and discipline behind it. However, the “Ghost message from Sam” actress does not keep to a diet. The actress has been on extreme diets throughout her Hollywood career, but that's the end of it today.

Demi sticks to a few simple dietary rules: She completely avoids ready meals, this also applies to industrially produced bread or sausage. She only puts fresh dishes on her plate. But thanks to yoga, surfing or lifting weights, she can still maintain her weight at almost 60. She also makes sure to eat enough protein and only good carbohydrates.

Perhaps she also has another fountain of youth

In addition to her great figure, Demi also makes headlines with her relationships. For 13 years she was a Hollywood star Bruce Willis (67) married and they have three now adult daughters together. In an interview, she talked about how much the breakup had weighed on her at the time , especially because their children would have noticed far too much of it.

With Ashton Kutcher (44) Demi wasn't much luckier either. The 16-year-old actor is said to have cheated on her during their marriage . At this point, Demi is said to have tried to conceive, but the breakup came instead.

Today she is happily in a relationship with Swiss star chef Daniel Humm. (mri)

 Demi Moore cuddles with boyfriend at French Open
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