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  The mountain doctor with Hans Sigl: All information about the 16th season
The mountain doctor with Hans Sigl: All information about the 16th season © dpa, Erika Hauri, alf

“The Mountain Doctor” with Hans Sigl (53) , Ronja Forcher (26) and Mark Keller (57) is one of the great battleships of ZDF evening entertainment and has been one of the channel's most popular series since it was first broadcast in 2008. Find out all the information about the current cast, the broadcast of the new episodes on free TV and subsequent online access in the stream.

Der Bergdoktor: When will the new episodes run on ZDF on free TV or in the stream?

ZDF has been broadcasting the 16th season of “Der Bergdoktor” since Thursday, December 29, 2022. Since then there has been a new episode every Thursday. The episodes can always be seen online in the stream a whole week earlier, and the new episode also appears in the ZDF media library on Thursdays.

All broadcast dates of 'Der Bergdoktor' at a glance

ZDF has not yet announced how many episodes the 16th season of 'Der Bergdoktor' will include. What is clear, however, is that new episodes always run on Thursdays – on free TV on ZDF and online in the ZDF media library. The next broadcast dates on ZDF are as follows:

  • Episode 4: Thursday, January 19, 2023 at 8:15 p.m
  • Episode 5: Thursday, January 26, 2023 at 8:15 p.m
  • Episode 6: Thursday, February 02, 2023 at 8:15 p.m

The mountain doctor: what happens in season 16?

In the 16th season of 'Der Bergdoktor' family cohesion is put to the test: Hans Gruber is threatened with financial disaster, so Martin offers his brother to help on the farm. But just as the two are getting along better, the sister and father of Hans' deceased first wife show up - and they bring a dark secret with them.

'Bergdoktor' star Mark Keller had already given hints about the plot of the 16th season before the start of the season and explained that that 'women's world' in particular will be hit hard .

ZDF series 'Der Bergdoktor': Who are the current main actors?

The main actors of the 'Bergdoktor' in the new season include:

  • His Seal as dr Martin Gruber
  • Mark Keller as dr Alexander Kahnweiler
  • Heiko Ruprecht as Hans Gruber
  • Ronja Forcher as Lilli Gruber
  • Monika Baumgartner as Lisbeth Gruber
  • Natalie O'Hara as Susanne Dreiseitl
  • Rebecca Immanuel as Dr. Vera Fendrich
  • Ines Lutz as Anne Meierling
  • Barbara Lanz as Caro Pfluger

By the way, this message also makes fan hearts beat faster: Simone Hanselmann returns as Franziska to the Bergdoktor!

Filming locations of 'Der Bergdoktor': Where is the popular ZDF series filmed?

The Gruberhof, which in the series is the mountain farm and home of the mountain doctor, his mother, his brother Hans and his daughter Lilli, is located on the sunny side of the Söller Bromberg on the Wilder Kaiser at around 1,000 meters above sea level.


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