'Der Bergdoktor': Tatort star and Bond villain play in a new episode


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  Star cast in the new"Bergdoktor"-Folge mit Hans Sigl
Prominent line-up in the new 'Bergdoktor' episode with Hans Sigl © german press agency

Star line-up at 'mountain doctor' ! In the new episode 'Who we are', which ZDF will show on January 19, 2023 at 8:15 p.m., two special main actors will appear. Find out who they are and how we know them here.

Stars at Bergdoktor: Tatort star ChrisTine Ursprechen plays in a new episode

  ChrisTine Ursprechen and Götz Otto are in the new Bergdoktor episode"Wer wir sind"
ChrisTine Ursprechen and Götz Otto are part of the new Bergdoktor episode 'Who we are'. © ZDF / Erika Hauri, SpotOn

The new episode of 'Bergdoktor' includes ChrisTine Ursprechen and Götz Otto. ChrisTine Ursprechen has been part of the most popular 'Tatort' team for 20 years. In the Münster thrillers about Chief Inspector Frank Thiel ( Axel Prahl, 62 ) and forensic pathologist Prof. Dr. dr Karl-Friedrich Boerne ( Jan Josef Liefers, 58 ) she plays Silke Haller, Boerne's deputy and closest collaborator. She is not always enviable with this eccentric boss, especially when Boerne alludes to her short stature again. This bad manners is reflected in his role profile by the broadcaster: 'He feels like the crowning glory of forensics, yes of life in general, and he doesn't just want his little assistant, whom he calls Alberich after the Nibelung dwarf, to be appreciated accordingly.' Haller always takes it easy.

Before the Sunday thriller, Ursprechen was best known for the title role in the films 'The Sams' (2001), 'Sams in Danger' (2003) and 'Sams in Luck' (2012). From 2014 to 2019 she also played the main role of the pediatrician 'Dr. Klein' in the ZDF series of the same name.

Götz Otto on 'Der Bergdoktor': That's why you know the actor

Again and again Götz Otto played in the 'crime scene'. Most recently, he embodied the lead role in the episode 'Tatort: ​​Das Verhör' (autumn 2022). As Captain Hajo Kessler, he played a cat-and-mouse game with commissioners Lena Odenthal (Ulrike Folkerts, 61) and her colleague Johanna Stern (Lisa Bitter, born 1984) in the Ludwigshafen thriller. Before the two, the artist, who was born in Offenbach, Hesse, had already driven international stars to insanity. One of them was Pierce Brosnan (69) in 'James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies' (1997). Götz Otto played in the secret agent film Stamper, one of the assistants of the British media mogul and Bond opponent Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce, 75). It was with this role that Götz Otto became known. That opened doors internationally. 'I was really happy about that,' he once said in an interview with 'Münchner Merkur'.

After Bond, numerous engagements in international productions followed, such as 'The Girl of Your Dreams' (1998) with the Spanish film star Penélope Cruz (48), the US-British fantasy film 'Beowulf' (1999) with Christopher Lambert (65), the Spanish-French Feature film 'The Girl and the Artist' (2012) with Claudia Cardinale (84) and the award-winning French film 'Maman und Ich' (2013) with Diane Kruger (46). For the German-Chilean thriller series 'Dignity' (2019-2020) about the Christian sect Colonia Dignidad, Götz Otto was in front of the camera with Devid Striesow (49), among others. And that's not all, these two prestige projects can also be found in his filmography: 'Schindler's List' (1993, seven Oscars) and 'Downfall' (2004, Oscar nomination 'Best Foreign Language Film').

But it doesn't always have to be international, as he now shows in 'Bergdoktor'. In the Bavarian hit daily soap 'Dahoam is Dahoam' (since 2007), Götz Otto played 'Little Joe' from Michigan in 2016, who appears in the fictional town of Lansing and causes complications. In 'Bergdoktor' ChrisTine Ursprechen and Götz Otto as Andrea Hoffmann and Wolfram Gessner get on the trail of a family secret. What exactly connects the two should not be revealed at this point...

New Bergdoktor episode: That's what 'Who we are' is about

After an outburst of anger, Andrea Hoffmann (ChrisTine Ursprechen) suffers a fainting spell. Ironically, on the Gessneralm, where Martin Gruber ( Hans Sigl, 53 ) more than 20 years ago and which he has avoided ever since. At that time he spent a short vacation there with his brother Hans Gruber (Heiko Ruprecht, 50) and his wife Sonja. Wolfram Gessner (Otto) still remembers the trio. The horse breeder now offers therapy riding. Andrea had hoped for help here in her difficult life situation.

The lawyer is facing the ruins of her life: job gone, girlfriend gone, apartment gone. She became aware of the offer of therapeutic riding through a magazine article. But the actual therapist is ill. Wolfram wants to send Andrea away immediately when she suddenly collapses. Martin initially suspects extreme exhaustion, but wants to rule out other possible causes.

So it is that he gets on the track of Andrea's threatening heart disease. He manages to persuade Wolfram to take Andrea in for a few days. The two very different characters initially find it difficult to get along, but Wolfram observes how she naturally makes contact with one of his horses. Andrea feels at home on the mountain pasture. As a former foundling, she usually finds it difficult to get along with other people. But Wolfram touches her in a very special way and gives her a feeling of intimacy. In order to be able to better understand Andrea's illness, Martin would like to learn more about her family history and in the process discovers a secret...

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