Desire to have children: Britney Spears is said to be on the lookout for a surrogate mother


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  Sam Asgahri: The marriage to Britney was"längst überfällig"
Britney Spears and Sam Asghari want a child with the help of a surrogate mother. © imago/NurPhoto, SpotOn

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  • Britney Spears is said to be on the lookout for a surrogate mother
  • Daniel Craig: A very special date for the premiere of his latest movie

22. October 2022

Britney Spears and her husband Sam Ashgari are said to be continuing to work on their family happiness. According to a source quoted by Radar Online, the couple's desire to have children is now likely to be fulfilled with the help of a surrogate mother. 'After doing some research, she's convinced that surrogacy is the way to go,' the insider says. Britney and Sam would now be looking for a suitable surrogate mother. In the spring, the 40-year-old singer suffered a miscarriage.

21. October 2022

Daniel Craig and daughter Ella: The perfect red carpet duo

Rare sight! At the premiere of Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery Daniel Craig (54) none other than daughter Ella (30) with! They walked the red carpet together, arm in arm. The actor and his eldest daughter both looked fantastic: she in a low-cut dress, he in a navy blue tuxedo. The resemblance cannot be overlooked.

Proud as Bolle, Ella also posted the photo from the premiere on her own Instagram account and immediately called on her followers to watch the film: 'Come on, check out 'Glass Onion: Knives Out Mystery'. You're going to pee your pants laughing!' She also shared other photos she shared Kate Hudson and Paul Holowaty show. However, the model had a real fan moment with the activist Malala Yousafzai: 'I had the great pleasure of meeting some beautiful people, but Malala is really something special.' But dad will definitely remain the coolest!

For this project, singer Adam Levine stripped naked

  Adam Levine with his music video model and Samna Stroh
Adam Levine with his music video model and Samna Stroh © Sony Music Entertainment; Instagram

Last worried Adam Levine (43) with his alleged affairs and sex messages for powerful topics of conversation! Now the singer is back on topic – but this time with less material and more music. Together with the singer 'Maluma' and the band 'The Rudeboyz' he can be seen in a music video - without a shirt! Lots of tattoos and muscular muscles included. No wonder that women's hearts lie at his feet...

But that doesn't shock fans as much as the model starring in the video. In the clip, Adam Levine faces a woman who closely resembles Sumner Stroh. The influencer is the woman who recently drew internet attention when she posted intimate messages with the singer on TikTok. The video clip contained lewd messages and suggestions for private meetings. Does the musician want to tell us something? Or is it pure coincidence that the woman in the clip looks so similar to his alleged affair? The singer probably knows that best himself.

20. October

  ARCHIVE - November 7th, 2019, USA, New York: Kris Jenner, reality star from the USA, attends the"WSJ. Magazine 2019 Innovator Awards" im Museum of Modern Art teil. (zu dpa "Kris Jenner über «Kimye»-Scheidung: «Will, dass die Kinder glücklich sind") Foto: Eva
Kris Jenner © dpa, Evan Agostini, hairdresser

Kris Jenner reveals her last wish

Kris Jenner is 66 years old and still alert - but she is already thinking about her death. Or rather, she thinks about what will happen to her afterwards. The trigger was an operation on the hip, which ended well, but made the reality star ponder.

The intervention is an issue a new episode of The Kardashians. In this, Kris tells her daughters Kylie (25) and Khloé Kardashian (38): 'Kim [Kardashian] asked the doctor to keep my bones so that she can make jewelry out of them.' Kylie, however, is shocked. 'That's strange. It's scary,' she concludes. Her sister, on the other hand, is less surprised and turns to her mother: 'Do you remember when you wanted to be cremated and used to make necklaces for us?' Kris herself thinks that - to the horror of her adult daughters, it's still great: ' That's a great idea.'

19. October 2022

  Rita Ora shows off her abs in an 80s look.
Rita Ora shows off her abs in an 80s look. © Instagram/ ritaora

Rita Ora shows mega belly muscles

At this sight, only one thing comes to mind: awesome! That Rita Ora (31) one in good shape has is no secret. But now the singer is presenting her super toned, muscular stomach to her nearly 16.1 million followers on Instagram. For her training session, the 31-year-old slips into a colorful sports outfit inspired by the 80s. She boldly combines her skin-tight, pink two-piece suit with a yellow hoodie and sneakers with neon-colored accessories. Despite the eye-catching look, her six-pack is and remains the eye-catcher par excellence.

Britney Spears drops all covers

  Britney Spears flashes
Britney Spears flashes © Twitter/BritneySpears

Britney Spears (40) is now known for rather unusual posts on social media. She also likes to show herself only barely or not at all dressed . Now she has taken off her clothes again – and lolls lasciviously on a bed. She covers her chest with one hand. She writes that she has a film premiere this week. The title of the film is said to be 'The legislative act of my p****'. In fact, there is no film with that title.

The comments below the picture are piling up, with many celebrating Britney for the revealing photo and cheering her on to live the life she wants to live. Others, however, are concerned about their mental health. Her father Jamie had guardianship over her for 13 years after suffering a breakdown.

18. October 2022

  October 17, 2022, USA, Los Angeles: Naomi Watts arrives at the 29th Annual ELLE Women in Hollywood Celebration at the Getty Center in Los Angeles. Photo: Jordan Strauss/Invision via AP/dpa +++ dpa picture radio +++
Naomi Watts on her desire to have a baby © dpa, Jordan Strauss, PM is

Naomi Watts, 54, opens up about a difficult time in her life at The New Pause Symposium in New York City. Already at the age of 36 the actress entered her menopause – as part of the event, the US star wants to raise awareness of the topic and motivate other women to talk about their experiences. Watts unpacks the difficulties of perimenopause - that often year-long transition phase before Menopause , in which the hormones fluctuate and women experience a range of symptoms such as hot flashes , night sweats, vaginal dryness, insomnia and irregular periods.

'I was 36 years old and going through menopause - a word I didn't know - and about to start a family. I completely panicked, felt very lonely, inferior to others, or like a failure. What should I do?” she remembers actress . 'There was no one I could talk to, there was no information and when I went to the doctor they said, 'You're not getting pregnant... Your blood tests suggest you're close to menopause'. Then she freaked out. Watts explained that fortunately there is more information for women going through perimenopause and menopause today than there was 18 years ago, but much more education and awareness is still needed.

Hailey Bieber sports a fiery red mane

Oops, we have to look twice here! Hailey Bieber (25) suddenly shows up on her Instagram account with a fiery red mane! She wears the matching red lipstick and seems to feel completely at home with her new look. But is the hair actually dyed permanently or is it just a wig?

In any case, it is certain that Hailey has already officially started the Halloween season on her social media profile and the hairy transformation is probably part of a costume. At least that's what the Halloween emoticons that the model posts in the comment column indicate. In addition, she made an event unsafe with her brunette hair the night before.

17. October 2022

  Greena Davis and Brad Pitt
Greena Davis and Brad Pitt © picture alliance

Brad Pitt (58) is undoubtedly one of the hottest actors in Hollywood. But even a former 'Sexiest Man Alive' has his flaws. At least that's what his former co-star Geena Davis (66) reveals. The actress played with the Ex of Angelina Jolie (47) in the thriller 'Thelma & Louise' and was able to witness a spicy scene during the shooting. For a sex scene, the Hollywood star had to undress and bare his bottom.

Too bad he had a big pimple on his butt at that point. In an excerpt from Geena's new autobiography, Death Out of Politeness, she recalls the awkward moment and reveals that a makeup artist had to cover the pimple after each and every shot. 'Brad didn't give a damn about all the fuss about his looks,' she wrote in the book, according to The Sun, adding that the only thing he ended up embarrassing about was a pimple on his butt, which the makeup girl covered up after each take.

Celine Dion's heartbreaking confession to her husband's death

  Celine Dion still regrets that her husband did not die in her arms.
Celine Dion still regrets that her husband did not die in her arms. © Rooster Lionel

In 2016, Celine Dion's (54) beloved man René Angélil died of cancer. To date, the Canadian singer has not really come to terms with this loss. In an interview on the 'Today Show', Celine now revealed that one thing in particular worries her to this day: her husband did not die in her arms. That was his big wish.

Although Céline rationally knows that she doesn't have to blame herself, she still regrets, six years after René's death, that she wasn't with him in his final moments. Because she had meant well by him. 'He called me before a gig and said, 'I love you'. When I got home that evening, it was very, very late. And I didn't want to kiss him awake and wake him up. And the next morning he was dead.'

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