Despite his wife's quad accident: For Tobias Moretti, 2022 was a 'lucky year'


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 Tobias Moretti and his wife had one despite the accident"Glücksjahr"
Tobias Moretti with his wife Julia in Vienna. © imago images/SKATA, SpotOn

Julia Moretti, Tobias Moretti's (63) wife, had a serious quad accident in the summer of 2022. Nevertheless, the actor looks back on a 'lucky year' in an interview with 'Bild am Sonntag' - and explains why.

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Tobias Moretti was 'not in shock' after his wife's accident

'Many say: What luck in misfortune! And immediately afterwards I said to everyone: I can't see any misfortune here. She's alive, she doesn't have paraplegia, she can still play the oboe,' says Tobias Moretti in an interview the 'BamS'. It was 'a blessing' how the story ended.

At first, his wife's accident in June didn't bother him that much, he reports. In the beginning he also 'strangely had no shock at all'. He was very rational and just worked. Fortunately, he can 'react coolly' in extreme situations. About a month later, however, he was 'caught and caught up properly'. 'In those weeks I was very fragile,' says Moretti.

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 How is Julia Moretti after the quad bike accident?

Tobias Moretti is happy that his wife 'can actually do everything'

At the end of August, Tobias Moretti was able to confirm that his wife Julia was on the mend. 'She feels good, she is with us, she is in life, she is not paralyzed,' he told ORF at the time. She could 'actually do everything and she will be her old self again'. And that is 'of course great'.

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The two have been married since 1997 and have three children together. The eldest daughter of Tobias and Julia Moretti, Antonia (24), is an actor like her father. The two can be seen together in 'In the Net of the Camorra'. (spot on news / csp)

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