Despite their divorce in 1996, Prince Andrew and ex-wife Fergie mourn the death of the Queen together


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Prince Andrew: Is ex-wife Sarah Ferguson staying by his side?
Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson mourn the death of the Queen together. © getty/Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images, SpotOn

1996 were Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson officially divorced – but the two had always pulled together for their daughters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. So now after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. To speak to grieving fans and to look at the flowers laid, the former spouses have often appeared together in public.

Sad occasion trigger for love comeback?

Will the Queen's death bring them closer together? Although himself Andrew and Fergie decided to go their separate ways more than 25 years ago, they never quite broke apart. And even if sparks no longer fly between them, they have never dissolved their common center of life. They have always lived together in the Royal Lodge not far from Windsor Castle - and soon they will have a 'new addition to the family'. The two are given responsibility for the corgies of the late monarch. Does that mean the love comeback now?

Joint appearances at funeral sites for the Queen

There are other clues that fans are rumored to have. After the death of the Queen, the two often appeared together at funerals through the memorials and seemed quite familiar and cordial with each other. Everyone should have noticed that there is a lot of respect and feeling for each other.

Why a love comeback would be explosive

Quite apart from the fact that the world is currently looking at the death of the Queen and the royal family and that is why headlines about the Royals are making waves, a love comeback by Prince Andrew and his Fergie would be so explosive. After all, both of them have often caused a stir with their behavior in the past. Recently, however, it was Andrew who made a name for himself because of his sex scandal and therefore even relieved of his military titles and royal duties . A new fling would probably be a pretty strong sign given the allegations against him.

At the moment, only they themselves know how the relationship between the two really is. But it would not be the first time that the grief for a loved one has brought two people closer together again. (cch)

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