Diana actress Elizabeth Debicki defends herself against criticism of 'The Crown'


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  Elizabeth Debicki via"The Crown"-Kritik: "Sollten nach vorne sehen"
Elizabeth Debicki becomes Princess Diana in The Crown. © ©2021 Netflix, Inc., SpotOn

Actress Elizabeth Debicki (32), who appeared in the fifth season 'The Crown' Princess Diana plays, has again commented on the criticism of the series. It is clear that the story of the British royal family as told in the series is 'interpretation'.

Elizabeth Debicki: 'You never know what happens behind closed doors'

Speaking to RadioTimes magazine, Elizabeth Debicki said, 'Now that the disclaimer is in place, maybe we can stop talking about it and move on. If it's helpful to certain people, so be it, and now the conversation can be steered back to the creative endeavors of the show.' She was always very aware, 'You never know what's going on behind closed doors, and that an author only interprets what may have happened could '.

After growing criticism of the allegedly negative portrayal of the British royal family, the makers felt compelled to put a text panel in front of the 'The Crown' episodes that makes it clear that the plot shown is fiction. The disclaimer on the German-language Netflix YouTube channel reads as follows: 'This true-life drama series tells the fictional story of Queen Elizabeth II and portrays the political and personal ups and downs of her reign.' In two respects, this sentence now makes it clear that 'The Crown' has no claim to 100% biographical truth.

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​​​​​​​Royal Family need not be afraid

Camilla Actress Olivia Williams (54) also tried to appease the critics. She explained to RadioTimes.com that the new episodes and portrayal of the divorce from Charles and Diana are nothing 'that the palace should be afraid of.' In her view, series creator Peter Morgan was very careful to place all of the events depicted in the context of how they affect the crown. 'The series is called 'The Crown' , not Charles or Diana or the Queen. It's about the crown. And so I think it's both interesting and philosophical and relevant to that,' Williams said.

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'The Crown' creator Peter Morgan (59) previously said in the 'Variety' interview: 'I think we all have to accept that the 1990s were a difficult time for the royal family and King Charles will almost certainly be some have painful memories of those years.' It doesn't mean 'that the story will be unfriendly to him or the monarchy afterwards. The series certainly isn't.' He has 'tremendous sympathy for a man in his position' and for this family, Morgan said. 'People are more understanding and compassionate than we sometimes expect.'

New Season of The Crown Reveals Charles and Diana's Marital Troubles

After a break of exactly two years, 'The Crown' returns to Netflix on November 9th with the fifth season. The plot takes up events from the beginning to the middle of the 1990s - and thus a more than turbulent time for the British Royals, which was particularly Marital problems between Charles (73) and Diana (1961-1997). (spot on news / csp)

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