Did Tim Allen expose himself to Pamela Anderson?


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 Did Tim Allen expose himself to Pamela Anderson?
Pamela Anderson and Tim Allen in 2002, a good ten years after working together on the cult series 'Listen, Who's Hammering'. © imago/Allstar, SpotOn

He denies the incident

Tim Allen (69) allegedly exposed himself to Pamela Anderson (55). The actress reveals this spicy anecdote in her new book Love, Pamela, which will be released on January 31, 2023. The incident is said to have happened on the set of 'Listen Who's Hammering' in 1991. The then 23-year-old Anderson had one of her first appearances in Tim Allen's cult series. She played 'Tool Girl' Lisa for the first two seasons of the sitcom.

'On the first day of shooting I came out of my dressing room and Tim was standing in the hallway in his bathrobe,' writes Pamela Anderson in a clip obtained by Variety. 'He opened his bathrobe - underneath he was completely naked'.

Tim Allen said it was only fair that she see him naked. After all, he had already seen her naked. The comedian was probably alluding to Pamela Anderson's pin-up photos in 'Playboy'. The Canadian first appeared on the cover of the men's magazine in 1989. 'Now we're even,' Allen is said to have said. Pamela Anderson laughed uncomfortably at the uninvited flash of a penis, according to her autobiography.

Tim Allen denies the incident

Tim Allen rejects the exhibitionism accusation. 'It never happened,' he told Variety. 'I would never do such a thing.'

Pamela Anderson, who started with the cult series 'Baywatch' after she left 'Listen, Who's Hammering', also writes in her new book about experiences of abuse in her early childhood. They are said to have touched a babysitter and a babysitter immorally. The famous sex tape with ex-husband Tommy Lee (60) is also discussed in 'Love, Pamela'. The series 'Pam & Tommy', which was released in 2022, opened old wounds for the actress. In addition to 'Love, Pamela', a Netflix documentary about Pamela Anderson is also scheduled to appear on January 31st.

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