Die 10 shockierendsten Skandale bei Victoria's Secret!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Taylor Hill as Victoria's Secret-Engel
Victoria's Secret: It's not always so glamorous behind the scenes © TVNOW / Courtesy of Victor

The Victoria's Secret fashion show is bursting with glitz and glamour! Perfectly fit models strut down the catwalk as angels and seduce the spectators. But behind the scenes there is not much left of this appearance. We uncovered the ten biggest scandals of the world famous lingerie brand in this post.

1. Abuse scandal

2020 were serious allegations against the owner of the clothing line 'Victoria's Secret' Les Wexner (85), raised. He is said to have ignored sexual harassment of his models and even abuse for years. The lingerie label has been run with a 'culture of misogyny, bullying and harassment,' according to The New York Times. In particular, top manager Edward Razek (74) was criticized. Among other things, he is said to have tried to kiss the models and repeatedly grabbed a woman's crotch.

2. Photoshop-Fails

Image editing is always such a daring thing. Over the years, Victoria's Secret has had its fair share of campaign failures. Whether it's extraterrestrial proportions for Adriana Lima (41), Candice Swanepoel's (33) unequal breasts or a missing buttock: Photoshop needs to be learned!

3. Diet Scandal against Adriana Lima

  Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima caused a stir with her strict diet. © BANG Showbiz

„Victoria's Secret“-Engel Adriana Lima once packed over her strict diet before a show . For six weeks before the fashion show, she exercised twice a day and only ate fish, poultry and vegetables, combined with four liters of water a day. Protein and vitamin shakes were also fine. But nine days before the show, the model even gave up solid food. However, this madness was topped twelve hours before the show, because she didn't eat anything anymore. This diet madness definitely cannot be healthy.

4. Trouble with Native Americans

  Karlie Kloss CELEBRITES : Arrivees au Defile Stella Mc Cartney - Paris 03/10/2022 JBAutissier/Panoramic PUBLICATIONxNOTxINxFRAxITAxBEL
Karlie Kloss © IMAGO/PanoramiC, IMAGO/JB Autissier, www.imago-images.de

In 2012, Native Americans were anything but enthusiastic about the lingerie show. Then Karlie Kloss not only wore a fringed leopard print bikini on the runway, but also a floor-to-ceiling Native American headdress. Navajo Nation spokesman Emy Zah found the staging derogatory, saying at the time, 'We are people, not a trend. We don't wear costumes. We wear clothes and every single piece means something special.'
Both the company and Karlie Kloss apologized for the appearance.

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5. No visa for Gigi Hadid

  Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadidi Arrivals at Isabel Marant: Outside Arrivals Fashion Show - Paris Fashion Week.Pictured: Gigi HadidRef: SPL5489637 290922 NON-EXCLUSIVEPicture by: Gigi Iorio / SplashNews.comWorld Rights, No Italy Rights
Did Gigi Hadid get a visa in 2017? © action press, ActionPress

Gigi Hadid (27) was booked for the 2017 show in Shanghai. But shortly before leaving, she announced that she would not be taking part. Was it the visa? It is rumored that she was denied a visa because she imitated a Buddha image in a video earlier, which caused trouble. That probably won't happen to the model a second time.

In the video: Models shoot against 'Victoria's Secret'

  Models shoot against 'Victoria's Secret"

6. Beef between Kendall Jenner and Rihanna?

Rihanna (34) sang on the 'Victoria's Secret' show in 2013. Model wished on Twitter Kendall Jenner at that time the song 'Complicated', otherwise she was 'very sad'. However, the singer's reaction was clear, she countered with: 'Then don't come.' Oops! The chemistry between the two doesn't seem to have been right.

7. Knocked out!

  ARCHIVE - January 27, 2020, USA, Los Angeles: Ariana Grande arrives at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on January 26, 2020. (To"Berichte: Ariana Grande heiratet Dalton Gomez ") Foto: Jordan Strauss/Invision/dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++
Ariana Grande lives dangerously on the VS stage © dpa, Jordan Strauss, PM DC BR YES CV GB

Model Elsa Hosk (33) had some coordination problems with her wings in 2014, what Ariana Grande (29) felt. The wings caught the singer in the face. But brave as Ariana is, she didn't show anything and continued to perform. That's when her song 'Touched by an angel' took on a whole new meaning.

8. Too many pounds on the ribs?

The rumor mill simmered violently in 2016 Cara Delevingne (30). The model was rumored to have been too fat for Victoria's Secret. Cara denied the rumors, but with the well-trained bodies, nothing is surprising anymore. Today, the company focuses more on diversity.

9. 'Bullshit-Secret'

  Jourdan Dunn - BoF 500 Gala, Paris, France, .
Model Jourdan Dunn is probably no longer a fan of 'Victoria's Secret'. © action press, ActionPress, bg

Rihanna was also planned as an act in 2015, but since she had her hands full with her new album, she jumped Ellie Goulding for her one. Jourdan Dunn (32) didn't like it at all. Since the model wasn't booked anyway, she vented her anger on Twitter: 'I feel so much better not being in BS...sorry I meant VS now that Rihanna won't be in it either.' Sounds like it but according to the pun 'Bullshit-Secret'.

10. Perfect after-baby body

  Heidi Klum at the Victorias Secret Fashion Show held at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City.
Heidi Klum modeled for the lingerie brand for years ©Ronald Asadorian/Splash

Heidi Klum (49) strutted down the catwalk again in 2009, just five weeks after the birth of daughter Lou (13). She owed this perfect after-baby body to hard training, but this comeback was a little too fast for the fans! In any case, the fact is that it cannot have been healthy.

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