Dieter Bohlen is looking for a name for Pietros and Laura's baby - and there is one condition!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Dieter Bohlen helps Pietro Lombardi find a baby name

Dieter Bohlen stands Pietro Lombardi since his DSDS victory in 2011 with advice and action – whether it's about career or private matters . So the DSDS chief judge is also brought on board when it comes to offspring. Recently, Pietro and his pregnant girlfriend Laura Maria have certainty: They become parents to a boy. What is still missing: the name! The search is apparently not that easy, as we show in the video above. And Dieter's suggestions have not been so well received so far...

Dieter Bohlen suggested these names

'We're sitting here and thinking about the name of the boy,' explains Dieter Bohlen in his latest Instagram video, in which he sits in the car with Pietro and Laura. There is one condition: 'We're looking for something Italian.' After all, the name should too Alessio, who will soon be a big brother, fit. Dieter has made suggestions so far: 'Malondo' and 'Blessio'. But they fall through for Pietro and Laura.

That's why the pop titan addresses the fans directly and asks them to comment on suggestions. And the community doesn't need to be told twice. The comments are teeming with Italian first names and the choice is huge.

We have summarized the most popular suggestions so far in our survey. Do you have a favorite? Then vote!

Poll: Which of these first names do you like best?

Attention Pietro Lombardi fans!

All Pietro fans have good reason to be happy: From October 5th there will be a six-part documentary on RTL + about the life of the DSDS winner.

In addition, Pietro and Laura Maria chat every Thursday in their own AUDIO NOW podcast - from the first meeting to pregnancy. It's worth listening to! (for)

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