Difficult past: Bachelor candidate Rebecca experienced violence in an ex-relationship

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  The bachelor candidate had to experience violence

Bachelor-Kandidatin Rebecca has been single for four years, and there are serious reasons for this: 'It was very difficult for me to let a man get to me. I don't have such a nice past, shall we say. Also with violence and psychological violence,” she reveals to David Jackson in an intimate conversation in the third bachelor episode (here on RTL +) . We show how David reacts to this sad and at the same time courageous insight into Rebecca's life in the video above.

'I don't want to allow what happened to me anymore'

Rebecca speaks openly about her bad experiences, because they have also made her what she is today: 'I know that I am a strong woman and also self-confident.' Nevertheless, the 28-year-old hides behind a 'wall', as she says herself: 'I observe a lot because I just don't want to allow everything that happened to me anymore.'

  Bachelor candidate Rebecca initiates David into her difficult relationship past.
Bachelor candidate Rebecca initiates David into her difficult relationship past. © RTL

Bachelor David Jackson: 'Show that there is another way'

David is visibly touched by Rebecca's experiences: 'I think that's the worst thing a woman can experience in a relationship: violence. And that just triggers something in me.' There's nothing more you can do at this moment than just being there and listening, 'and just letting her know that that's not the norm in the relationship. Because when I appreciate and love a person, I want to show them that there is another way - that the person is great and is valued for what they are and deserves love. And that's where I, as a partner, see my job, of course, as the first person to relate to.'

The 32-year-old appreciates the fact that Rebecca confides in him all the more: 'I think it's really beautiful, really strong, really remarkable,' he explains to the candidate. 'It definitely pushed us forward on an emotional level.'

Domestic violence: Victims can find help here

The 'Violence against Women' help line is a nationwide counseling service for women who have experienced or are still experiencing violence.

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