Does Madonna bunker stolen goods? Lost painting found in pop star mansion


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 A missing painting has been found in Madonna's house.
A missing painting has been found in Madonna's house. © Instagram/madonna/imago

When the French city of Amiens was bombed during World War I, a famous 19th-century painting was believed to have been destroyed. But now the city is certain that it has rediscovered the work in a photo. A photo of none other than him Queen of Pop: Madonna (64).

French mayor appeals to Madonna

The painting, believed to be by Jerome-Martin Langlois, was commissioned by Louis XVIII. commissioned to hang in Versace. It was completed in 1822 and eventually taken to the Musee de Picardie in Amiens. After the bombing in World War I, it was considered lost. Til today! Poses in a picture published in Paris Match magazine the 64 year old in front of the supposed painting. When Mayor Brigitte Fouré of Amiens saw this, she did not hesitate for a second and asked Madonna to make the neoclassical painting available on loan. This would benefit Amiens in its bid to be European Capital of Culture in 2028.

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 Fans are just annoyed by Madonna

Bought at auction for 1.2 million euros

Fouré explains in a video that the oil painting titled Diana and Endymion, which the singer claims to own, 'is probably a work loaned to the Museum of Amiens from the Louvre before World War I and of which we have no trace afterwards have more,' according to a report in The Guardian.

The painting - or a copy of it - only reappeared at an auction in New York in 1989, where Madonna paid 1.2 million euros for it, more than three times the estimate. (lkr)

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