Does the British royal family need psychological help? Prince Harry recommends therapy


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Prinz Harry (38) is not only harsh with his royal family, but also with himself. In his biography 'Spare' he speaks openly about a freak in the presence of his wife Duchess Meghan (41). A low point, but it was also a new beginning for him. Because he has had such good experiences through therapy, he is now subliminally advising his family members in the exclusive ITV interview that RTL broadcast exclusively in Germany on January 9th to seek help as well.

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'Every story has two sides'

He was emotionally unstable, angry, cruel. Surprisingly self-critical, Prince Harry describes himself in his Book 'Spare' . He describes his weak moments in which he no longer recognized himself: “Maybe the wine went to my head. Maybe the weeks of fighting the press had worn me down.' A misunderstanding between him and his wife, Duchess Meghan, caused Prince Harry to freak out. A moment that drove him to action: He sought help and went to therapy . A step that he is still happy about in retrospect, because that was the solution for getting anger and frustration under control.

How important he finds psychological support, he now does in that Interview mit Tom Bradby , which was broadcast on RTL on Monday evening in the “Exclusive Special: Harry – The Interview”, clearly: “And you know, I put a lot of effort and work into processing my trauma from many years ago. I will continue to do so. And I think other members of my family could use that kind of help too. At least I learned an incredible amount in the process.”

Nice or just condescending?

So Harry would like to send his family to therapy as well. It's a statement that, uttered so publicly, makes you question whether it was well-intentioned or just condescending. With the insights into the family life of the British royal family, he already exceeded the private boundaries of the family members. And now this too? In any case, such an open condemnation of the mental state can be taken as very encroaching.

Especially with his brother Prince William (40) he mentions situations in which he is said to have been out of control: 'I write about the fact that I have often seen red for years, and now I've experienced that with him “. Yes, he compares his big brother Prince William to himself when he was unruly. So he doesn't stop here with self-criticism.

  Did Prince William hit his brother Harry?

In any case, one thing is clear: Harry wants to show how broken the family members are. (rbe)

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