Does the mourning for the Queen bring Harry & Meghan closer to the royal family again?


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Will the royal's relationship change?

An era has come to an end: the Queen is dead. Now her son Charles is king, and as a result the tasks are being redistributed. The relationship between the family members has cracked, got back on the plane after twelve hours at Balmoral Castle and flew to his wife Meghan (41). But what's next? Does grief bring the family closer together? How will he behave towards his father now? Nobility expert Michael Begasse has assessed the situation. You can find out his answers in the video.

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Harry and Meghan lashed out fiercely at the royal family

They were once considered inseparable: and his brother Harry. But the ice age has been around for a long time. The relationship between Harry and his father Charles is no longer so intimate. Many blame Harry's wife Meghan for the tense situation. She is considered the troublemaker who broke up the family.

Two and a half years ago, Harry and Meghan left the British royal family and caused a huge stir. They were tired of royal etiquette, didn't want to be in the top echelon and be financially independent. But instead of simply staying in the background, as desired, they gave a legendary interview. With US talk legend Oprah Winfrey (68), they violently attacked Harry's family, all in front of the public.

But it did not stop. Again and again the couple taunts the royals, thus Harry also against his brother and his own father. No wonder Charles and William are 'not amused'. The relationship is crumbling.

'They gambled away their chances of being trusted,' royal expert Angela Levin told The Sun. Because there was a risk that the conversations with William and Kate could be recorded. Harry is due to publish a book this winter. It is not surprising that his relatives do not have a good feeling about this. (kko)

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