Dramatic emergency caesarean section: Nathalia Gonçalves' baby almost died


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  Nathalia Gonçalves with her baby boy Luan
Nathalia Gonçalves gave birth to her baby Luan just before Christmas. © Instagram, /nathaliagonca1ves

God gave her the 'most valuable treasures', Nathalia Gonçalves Miranda (28) enthused a week ago on Instagram next to a photo showing her with her son Luan in her arms. He was born just four days before Christmas. The dramatic story of the birth tells the Ex-Bachelor participant now in her Insta-Story. Because her son almost died.

Nathalia reports on the birth of her son

The rompers and leggings for her son are still 'so small' and 'so cute', enthuses new mom Nathalia and takes her followers on Instagram into her own apartment. They lie finely draped on a drying rack. The little worm measured 2,950 grams over 49 centimeters when it was born on December 20th . But the birth was dramatic, as his mother explained in a question and answer session.

Nathalia and her boyfriend actually wanted to go to bed and sleep when the 28-year-old got abdominal pain, which was 'not great'. 'But it wasn't like the days before either.' She woke up later - the pain was still there: 'It hurt, but it was bearable.' When her water burst, her boyfriend immediately called the ambulance.

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Nathalia: 'It was the best decision I've ever made in my life'

They got to the hospital between 1:20 a.m. and 1:40 a.m. “I got the little one at 8:29. That means I was really suffering until then!” Her cervix didn't really open, however, while the pain was getting worse and she was after a PDA asked. The doctor came later and told Nathalia that they had to have a caesarean section. 'I was totally desperate,' admits the new mom. 'I wasn't thinking about scars or anything. I was just scared of the surgery.”

But the decision was vital: 'His heart didn't beat like it should,' she reports of the dramatic situation. And so, of course, she agreed to the surgery and a little later held her healthy son Luan in her arms. The midwife came later and told them that they had made a “good decision”. 'If we had waited that day for him to be born normally, he probably would not have survived or he would have been born with some kind of disability.'

While she is now holding her little one very close, the 28-year-old is certain: 'It was the best decision I have ever made in my life.' (vne)

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