'Dream woman wanted' star Dennis Schick is 100 kilos lighter!


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Dennis Schick has now lost 100 kilos
Dennis Schick has now lost 100 kilos! © michael.kuettner.photography

Is that really him? Dennis Schick, who became known in 2012 through the RTLZWEI format 'Traumfrau sucht' is hardly recognizable. But no wonder, he has also lost 100 kilos in weight - and above all amazes his fans. The 34-year-old posts an impressive before and after picture on Instagram showing this huge change.

Reality star is 100 kilos lighter

As an overweight single, he looked for his great love on 'Traumfrau sucht' and conquered the hearts of the viewers. In the meantime, however, Dennis Schick is hardly recognizable because he has drastically reduced his weight . 'Same chair, same Dennis, only approximately 100 kg less,' writes the 34-year-old under comparison photo .

On his new Instagram post it can be seen without a doubt that Dennis Schick is no longer the same on the outside. Not only the outfit comparison shows that the reality star has become more stylish.

On the left you can see his version with a few extra pounds on his hips. To the right we see Dennis Schick today, whose body is undergoing a blatant transformation. 'Do something today that you can be proud of tomorrow,' writes the 33-year-old - and obviously feels at home with his look .

Insights into his sports routine

After a gastric bypass, Dennis Schick gradually lost weight. Sport and a healthy diet let the excess pounds tumble further. The entrepreneur keeps posting insights into his sports routine on Instagram and regularly shares his progress with his fans.

Fans immensely excited

Fans congratulate Dennis Schick on Instagram. 'Respect! You are an inspiration to some,' one follower wrote. Another commented: 'Mega performance'. We can only agree with that! (cba)

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