Drunk and 'mega foggy': We have never seen Carmen Geiss like this


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Carmen Geiss intoxicated after mixed cocktails

Millionaire family Geiss makes London unsafe and that literally. In the new episode of 'The Geissens - a terribly glamorous family' (see here on RTL+) persuade Shania and Davina her parents to visit one of the trendiest bars in London. The highlight: There you can mix your own cocktails – and Carmen in particular feels the consequences: 'This is hardcore alcohol' . Some of the drinks even contain CBD and that ensures that the 57-year-old is suddenly no longer herself, as we show in the video above.

Robert Geiss: 'Carmen ist mega benebelt!'

While the young Geiss generation finds the in-pub pretty hip, Carmen and Robert don't really know what to do with it. Nevertheless, they join in the fun and mix one cocktail after the other. However, the drinks not only contain high-proof alcohol and fruit juices, but also CBD, which puts Carmen in a real high.

Robert notes: “Insane, this CBD magic, it really hit the spot. But I think I got a little less than Carmen. She's super foggy.' Carmen can even confirm that: “I think I got here high. The taxi ride was a challenge, but oh well. A new experience in my still young life.” She says – and immediately starts a Cologne carnival song.

 Carmen and Robert discuss a joke that Carmen doesn't understand.
Carmen and Robert discuss a joke that Carmen doesn't understand. © RTL

Watch 'The Geissens' on RTL+

Whether the Geissens and Carmen will make it out of the bar in one piece will be revealed on Monday, January 9th from 8:15 p.m. on RTLZWEI and parallel can be seen in the live stream on RTL+ . There is good news for everyone who already wants to see how the cult family is making London unsafe: The new episode is already available for streaming on RTL+. (rga)

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