DSDS star Menderes has his first record deal


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 DSDS cult star finally gets his own record deal

by Kerstin Ligendza and Andrea Eickhoff

Well finally! die-hard DSDS fans Menderes Bagci known for more than twenty years. At 38, the cult singer has finally achieved what he has dreamed of for so long. He has signed his first record deal of his own. In the video you can see and hear which song Menderes really wants to get started with – and what great ambitions the “eternal DSDS candidate” has.

A dream comes true

He shoots his first music video and was accompanied by RTL. The joy that his dream has come true is literally written all over his face! 'No matter what happened, I didn't give up. And that's why I always say: 'Never give up' or 'whoever fights can't lose, and whoever doesn't fight has already lost...' And the 38-year-old fought for years in front of the jury for pop titan Dieter Bohlen (68) .

'He doesn't love you' is the name of the song, which will be released on January 27th. The theme is - of course, as the title already suggests - about love. He himself has not yet found a girlfriend, as he recently said .

Reading Tip: With these songs in his luggage, Menderes has appeared at the DSDS casting for the past twenty years .

Menderes is reaching for the stars

If it doesn't work in love, then hopefully in the job! With the label “Telamo”, which specializes in hits, which recently also included sizes such as Marianne Rosenberg (67), Anna-Carina Woitschack (30) or John Zarella (44) released their hits, he now even dares the step to the first full album! 'I've learned that you have to try things more often so that you get a different result at some point, and that it's not true that you have to give up the first time you fail (...)', he announces confidently in the Interview on the edge of the music video shoot.

Now that this big dream is finally coming true, there is one more thing that would make Menderes totally happy: a song together with his mentor Dieter Bohlen! It remains to be seen whether the dream will come true. After twenty years, he finally got at least the cell phone number of the head of the DSDS jury . (vne)

 vip star source: vip.de