DSDS star Pietro Lombardi on the birth of Baby Leano: 'It wasn't that easy to start!'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Pietro reports for the first time after the birth of Leano

Welcome Home, Baby Leano Romeo ! Pietro Lombardi (30) and Laura Maria (27) are overjoyed – and relieved. After the birth of their first son together, they were finally allowed to leave the hospital and are now settling into their new everyday lives. Time for the DSDS judges to contact their fans personally – with grateful words, but also with a little insight into the past few days.

Pietro Lombardi is incredibly grateful

'Our start wasn't that easy, but now we're home,' so Pietro in his Instagram story. The son with his fiancé Laura Maria was born about six weeks early. For days, fans worried and speculated about the birth.

That's why the 30-year-old is now addressing his community personally: ' Thanks to everyone who worried a lot and wrote daily. I hope you understand that we needed some time to ourselves [...] Thank you all for thinking of us like that.”

Pietro does not reveal any more details about the birth. But the main thing is that little Leano Romeo is fine now.

The DSDS juror can hardly believe his happiness as a father

Pietro's son Alessio (7) was also able to get to know his little brother. Three days after the birth he was the first visit to the hospital, as the TV star shows on Instagram. Pietro will never forget the encounter between the siblings: 'The most beautiful moment of my life.'

Apparently, the DSDS juror is in absolute fatherly happiness – and can't believe it yet. 'I have to realize that I'm a father of two now, that's really awesome,' he grins at the top of the video. For him it is clear: 'It's the best feeling there is!'

Papa Pietro bei DSDS

At 'DSDS' Papa Pietro can currently be seen on RTL as a juror and on RTL +. The joint podcast by Laura and Pietro, in which the two report a lot about the course of their pregnancy, is also highly recommended. (for)

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