Each 'Avatar' sequel is told from a new perspective


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 Every"Avatar"-Fortsetzung wird aus einer neuen Perspektive erzählt
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James Cameron revealed

The 'Avatar' sequel 'The Way of Water' is fast approaching the two billion dollar mark at the worldwide box office. However, director James Cameron (68) is looking farther into the future: He has three more sequels to the most commercially successful film of all time from 2009 in the pipeline. Part three is already in post-production and will be told for the first time from another character's perspective, as Cameron has now revealed according to 'Variety'.

The main character Jake Sully (Sam Worthington, 46) will not act as the narrator as in the first two issues, but his son Lo'ak (Britain Dalton, 21). Accordingly, this decision was apparently a happy coincidence because it was already decided before the character turned out to be a fan favorite: 'Lo'ak turned out to be a character that people sympathized with,' says the director.

At the same time, according to the report, Cameron reveals that there will be such changes of perspective again in the planned parts four and five: 'Jake was our voiceover narrator for films number one and two and for each of the subsequent parts we will have a different narrator . We see each one through the eyes of a different character. Part three, we see through Lo'ak's eyes.' Cameron has not yet revealed who this will be in the other two strips from the 'Avatar' universe.

The number of Na'vi tribes is also growing

But it's not just the narrative perspectives that are expanding, the Na'vi tribe is also growing. Speaking on the sidelines of the Critics Choice Awards, Cameron revealed that 'Avatar 3' will introduce fans to two new Na'vi cultures - following the Omatikaya in part one and the Metkayina in the sequel. He has not yet revealed the names of the two new tribes, but one of them will be associated with the element of fire.

The still unnamed third part has already been shot, it was created parallel to 'Avatar: The Way of Water'. It is slated to hit theaters on December 18, 2024.

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