Eddie Redmayne: He was having trouble financing his wedding


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 Eddie Redmayne: He was having trouble financing his wedding
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No matter what Hollywood star Eddie Redmayne touches, it seems to turn to gold. Now the Oscar winner spoke openly about his financially most difficult hour.

Ever since his brilliant performance in the Stephen Hawking biography 'The Discovery of Infinity', everyone has probably known his name. Redmayne (40) creamed off the Oscar for 'Best Actor' for his portrayal of the young scientist in February 2015. Since then things have been going uphill for the native Brit! The actor was also nominated for an Oscar for his role as an intersex painter in the worldwide hit movie theater 'The Danish Girl'. It seems Redmayne has a knack for complex roles that have catapulted him further and further into acting glory. Because the star is already a hot favorite in the race for the coveted golden boy for his portrayal of an alleged serial killer in the streaming hit 'The Good Nurse' (to be seen on Netflix and via WOW). Despite the mega success, the 40-year-old seems to have kept his feet on the ground to this day. A reason for this? His wife Hannah (40). In an interview with 'BUNTE.de', the actor remembered the romantic wedding with his dream woman in 2014 with a broad grin - shortly before his Oscar victory. 'When the shooting of 'The Discovery of Infinity' was over, the vows were just around the corner. But at the time I didn't have enough money for my wedding and I tried everything I could to somehow pay for the party.' The saving solution? The dad-of-two landed a voice acting role on the animated series 'Thomas the Tank Engine' which allowed him to scrape together the necessary cash for the wedding. An anecdote that seems to be important to the Brit to this day. Because it shows that he has worked hard for his success and wealth (estimated fortune: around 14 million euros). The Hollywood star, who is currently starring in the third installment of the wizarding saga 'Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore' (viewable via Sky and WOW), said: 'As an actor, in every role you take on, there's a moment where you Fire and flames. The whole thing, however, is closely followed by a fearful punch in the pit of the stomach.' He added thoughtfully: 'Since my breakthrough, the feeling of fear has been my biggest motivation and my engine. I've dreamed of being able to practice this profession for so many years and I'm lucky enough to be able to live my dream. To get here, I had to but messing up countless castings and taking on thankless jobs. You never forget experiences like that. They shape you for life.'

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