Emergency surgery for ex-DSDS star Jannik Rubeck! 'I was on the verge of paraplegia'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Ex-DSDS star Jannik Rubeck escapes paraplegia

What a horror! Ex-DSDS participant Jannik Rubeck (26) is in the hospital and barely escaped paraplegia! Not the first time the singer has made headlines with his health. Now he reveals that he has had to be operated on several times in the last few months. More about this in the video.

Jannik: 'I'm overjoyed that I just barely escaped the wheelchair'

There has been radio silence on his Instagram account since September 2022. No more updates from the model's ex-boyfriend Gisele Oppermann (35) and singer, who was in the casting for the 13th season of 'Deutschland sucht den Superstar' in 2016. RTL, the young man has now told from the hospital bed what odyssey he has behind him. 'I was on the verge of paraplegia,' reports Jannik.

In an eight-hour operation on January 2, two artificial vertebrae and several screws and rods were placed in his back after 'a vertebra almost severed my spinal cord.' That was the result of a car accident in 2016, he explains continue. 'I didn't have a disc anymore,' and with the bones rubbing against each other, it almost severed his spinal cord. Luckily he is now saved, the emergency surgery went well. 'I'm overjoyed that I just barely escaped the wheelchair.' However, he will never be able to do sports again.

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Not the first health shock for Jannik

In 2017, the singer received the shocking diagnosis of colon cancer. The tumor could be removed. But then in 2021 the renewed cancer shock: Jannik had felt a lump on the testicles . Luckily this turned out as a benign tumor out. After all the drama, now worrying about his spine!

Photos that he sent to RTL from the hospital show him with drainage tubes and a large wound on his back. He had bleeding in the spinal cord. 'That also had to be operated on quickly to remove the foreign body,' explains Jannik. 'That too could have led to paralysis.' The second emergency operation took place on January 4th.

Cannabis should now help him

In recent years he has already taken opiates and even Fentanyl , a strong painkiller and anesthetic. In the coming week, Jannik is to be transferred to a special clinic in Berlin. A week later there would be one Cannabis -Start therapy, as he says: 'I'll soon be with one of the best experts in pain therapy.' His tolerance to cannabis oil has already been tested.

Fortunately, the young man does not have to endure the terrible ordeal alone: ​​'Yes, my girlfriend is 100% there for me and it touches me that she is walking this path with me and putting her needs behind!' But he wants the relationship for the time being keep private. (vne)

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