Emotional duet after Matthias Carras' death: 'That's the last thing I can do for him!'


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Single-Cover"Diesen einen Moment" von Matthias Carras und Sandra Diano
It was Sandra Diano's 'Service to Matthias' to publish their duet even after the death of Matthias Carras. © Fiesta Records

by Vincent Nellessen

At the weekend the sad news became public: Pop singer Matthias Carras died of cancer at the age of just 58 surrounded by his family . A good week later, a song will be released that he recorded in 2019 with singer Sandra Diano (34). 'Is it right to publish it now?' She summarizes her thoughts in an interview with RTL. Her emotional response is, 'Yes! Necessarily!'

Sandra Diano: 'Looking back, I think there was a prophecy in these lines'

They were always like soul mates on stage. They never had to rehearse before performing together. 'We were always dynamic on stage,' Diano recalls. Now she will release a duet that was recorded long before the death of the pop singer. Of course, doubts also arose in the young woman: “Out of concern that the public might think that one would now want to make a profit out of it. Of course I don't want that at all!” she states. This project just means so much more.

'This one moment' is the name of the song and will be released as a single on January 20th. It was written specifically for the two of them, says the singer, but: 'If you read the lines now, it suddenly took on a completely different meaning.' It's about two people who only spend 'this one moment' together want. “Will you walk this piece towards the light with me?” they sing. In fact, the recording in the studio was the last physical contact between the two. 'After that we never saw each other again and only kept in touch by phone,' she explains, obviously sad and touched. That was 2019.

  Single-Cover"Diesen einen Moment" von Matthias Carras und Sandra Diano
It was Sandra Diano's 'Service to Matthias' to publish their duet even after the death of Matthias Carras. © Fiesta Records

your journey together

As a teenager, just 19 years old, Sandra Diano met the hit star in 2007 through their common manager Uwe Hübner know. 'Right from the start he was a warm, open-minded person, as if we had known each other for ages,' she reflects on the moment they met in Cologne. They later toured Germany together and stood on stages throughout the republic. They released a duet together in 2011, Too Close to the Fire. 'That cover had always been his dream and he wanted to do it with me.'

The German-Italian song “Perché no”, which the hit star wrote himself, followed just two years later. A complete duet album of the two had been planned.

But then Matthias Carras ended his career in 2015. 'When Matthias ended his career, it was really bad for me,' reports the 34-year-old. “All of a sudden the duet partner is gone. We still had so many plans, but his health got in the way.” Matthias suffered from depression and withdrew from public life.

Sandra Diano: 'We really thought he could do it!'

  Schlager singer Matthias Carras at the concert on November 7th, 2021 in Düsseldorf
In 2021 Matthias Carras made it back onto the stage - for a short time. © IMAGO/Eibner, IMAGO/Wingender/Eibner-Pressefoto, www.imago-images.de

But in 2019 he wanted to know it again, wanted to go back on stage – and record the new duet with Sandra Diano. Said and done. But in 2020 Matthias was diagnosed with bone cancer. And his health got in the way again. But he fought, even recorded a new album. 'Endlich frei' was released in 2021 and already includes the new duet with Sandra Diano. 'He's blossomed again. He wanted to go back on stage. That was his stop, his goal. What kept him alive. Of course, the family too, he still had a grandchild. ”Even before his hit career, he married his wife Anne. Together they have two daughters and a son.

Unfortunately, Matthias' great wish to perform the new duet live with Sandra on stage was no longer fulfilled. 'We last spoke on the phone in mid-December,' recalls the pop singer. 'He also said: 'We absolutely have to publish this!' Then we agreed that we would wait until January.' Matthias Carras died on January 14, three days after he was also diagnosed with leukemia .

Emotional reason for publication

Sandra Diano was very much looking forward to the future together. It will no longer exist. “He definitely wanted the duet to be released. It doesn't matter what happens!” she says firmly. And then the 34-year-old tears, her voice becomes more and more fragile: 'I see it this way, that this is my service to Matthias now. The last thing I can do for him because he was so passionate about the duet...'

Sandra Diano is sure that he will notice 'up there'. 'I'm doing this for him now, just to send that message out into the world that that was his goal. I hope that I can still fulfill that a little.” As a positive reminder for everyone of the “incredibly warm-hearted, consistently optimistic person” she was able to meet fifteen years ago. 'I think he would have been very happy with that.'

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