Employees unpack: That's how King Charles III ticks. as boss


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  King Charles III
King Charles III has taken up his duties as the new monarch. © dpa, Victoria Jones, lf sb

September 8th is Queen Elizabeth II. passed away at the age of 96. After seventy years on the throne, it is now her son Charles (73), who takes over as the new King of Great Britain. His temperament has been proven right in his first days as head of state. Now a book is being published in which former employees tell the man from Queen Camilla (75) as a fairly demanding boss.

Does King Charles have a difficult character?

The 'pen gate' has already made the proclamation of the new king almost legendary. Charles was pretty clear about his, shall we say, Displeasure with some pens and inkwells that were a thorn in his side at an appointment He complained angrily about the tools he needed for a signature.

A few days later, a pen excited his mind again. ' I can't stand this damn thing ' he shot out. Pretty quick-tempered, one might say. The then Prince of Wales attracted attention earlier with special requests .

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  King Charles' arrogance fit

New book about the royals

In his book 'Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown', British journalist Valentine Low gives an interview to former employees of the new king. An excerpt from the book is available the British Times, in which the former courtiers describe Charles as a 'demanding boss' who is characterized by his 'fierce temper and a relentless work ethic'.

Definitely not a nine-to-five job. However, the question arises as to whether one should expect that as an assistant to a prince, or rather a king.

Charles is a 'man on a mission'

Even as Prince of Wales, Charles had proven to be particularly enduring. He works 'always, seven days a week'. He would expect a lot from himself, but at the same time from his employees. Calls are possible 'anytime until 11 p.m. and even at Christmas'.

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While Charles can 'go from 0 to 180 and back just as quickly' due to his wild temper, his anger is 'seldom directed at individuals,' the new book says. He is a 'man on a mission' - that of a new monarch. It takes ambition and discipline. Read why the palace now wants to protect the king's reputation here .

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Charles also has an emotional side

His work ethic is one thing - his mother had shown extreme discipline for seventy years. Big footsteps that Charles is now following at the age of 73. At the funeral, however, the new king showed himself to be one : As a son who mourns the loss of his beloved mother. (vne)

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