Enrique Iglesias kisses a fan: wild tongue games on stage


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Megastar and Grammy winner Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias always meets fans on stage. © X Factor

Enrique Iglesias (47) is known for his sappy love songs. But now a video of the Latino singer is making its way to the public, which probably makes many people suspicious: Enrique is snogging wildly with a fan on stage! What's going on there?

Selfie becomes wild tongue-in-cheek

A meet and greet with Enrique Iglesias heats up: the singer is hugged by a female fan on the small stage and kisses her on the cheek while she takes a selfie with him. Apparently that wasn't enough for her. She decides to return the singer's kiss and suddenly their mouths meet. The post's caption: 'Friday night in Las Vegas!'

Fans aren't thrilled

Though the 'Hero' singer doesn't seem to comment on the incident, his followers are tapping their fingers in the comments column. 'How lucky she is! You are the best to your fans!” and “I love you!” It says there. But the father of three not only gets positive feedback on his little escapade: 'I don't like that you kiss other women! They should only apply to Anna,” writes a fan. Speaking of Anna.

Anna Kournikova

Wie Enriques Partnerin Anna Kurnikowa (41) probably stands for the wild video? Recently, the lovebirds always seemed happy, even have three children together: the twins Lucy and Nicholas (4) and latecomer Mary (2) .

The two stars do not share much from their private lives, so it is also unclear whether the two have long since gone their separate ways after 21 years together. Maybe they're just making a big exception for Enrique's many female fans, whom he doesn't see again after his brief moments on stage anyway.

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