Erwin Bach: The man who made Tina Turner (†) believe in love again


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  Erwin Bach and Tina Turner (†) met in 1985 and married in 2013. The picture was taken in London in April 2018.
Erwin Bach and Tina Turner (†) met in 1985 and married in 2013. The picture was taken in London in April 2018. © action press

'My only true marriage'. Tina Turner († 83) once her connection with Erwin Bach (67). The German music producer gave her back the belief in love that she had lost in her violent marriage to Ike Turner († 76). Her second husband has been by her side since 1985, directing her career and supporting her, especially in difficult private moments.

Tina Turner and Erwin Bach met at the airport

When they met, Erwin Bach was working as Germany head of the record label 'EMI' and was supposed to pick up the singer at the airport. In her memoirs, she described meeting the man who was 16 years her junior as 'love at first sight'.

In her 2020 book, Happiness, she wrote, 'When I met Erwin at a German airport, I should have been too tired from my flight, too busy thinking about my tour, and in too much of a rush to get to my hotel , to give a lot of attention to the young music manager from my record company who should welcome me. But he caught my eye and I immediately felt an emotional connection.”

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She listened to her heart and took the first step. 'So that simple first encounter led to a long, beautiful relationship - and my only true marriage.' him. One of the best decisions of my life.”

First they lived in Cologne, since 1994 in Switzerland

In 1986, Tina Turner moved to Cologne to live with him. There the couple lived in the villa district of Marienburg, one of the most expensive areas of the cathedral city. In 1994 the two then moved to Switzerland, where he headed 'EMI Switzerland'. Bach worked with many international music stars like Paul McCartney (80), David Bowie (†69), Pet Shop Boys und Queen.

The couple first lived in a rental villa on the Zürichberg, then the two rented a villa in Küsnacht on Lake Zurich. In the Villa Algonquin they also celebrated their wedding in 2013 after almost 28 years of relationship. There were stars like the talk legend Oprah Winfrey (69). Turner also gave up her US citizenship that year and became Swiss.

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Only last year did the couple make headlines with the purchase of a historic estate, in which tennis star Roger Federer (41) is said to have been interested. The 'Handelzeitung' estimated the value of the luxurious property at around 67 million euros. Bach explained to the Swiss medium: “Because of the pandemic and its consequences, we – like many other Swiss people – unfortunately do not travel. With this property we have found a new weekend retreat in the immediate vicinity.”

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Tina Turner lost her two sons

The couple deliberately withdrew from the public eye and only appeared together on selected occasions. But they went through a lot together. He stood by her when she retired from the music business after her world tour in 2008 and 2009. He helped her through the grief after the early death of her two sons Craig († 59) and Ronnie († 62).

In her 2018 biography 'My Love Story' she described how her husband gave her the terrible news from Craig - on the fifth wedding anniversary of all things: 'When Erwin came back into the room, he seemed deeply shaken. He told me Craig died. Not in an accident, which I constantly feared as a worried mother. No, my son had killed himself.' A shock for the world star: 'I heard what Erwin said, but I didn't understand it. I was frozen.” Two years later, and only a few months before her death, she had to deal with that her second son died of cancer in December 2022 .

  Erwin Bach and Tina Turner at the Giorgio Armani show in Milan 2005.
Erwin Bach and Tina Turner at the Giorgio Armani show in Milan 2005. © action press

'Love saved my life': Erwin Bach donated a kidney to Tina Turner

Erwin Bach was also by Tina Turner's side when she had health problems. Just three weeks after the 2013 wedding, she suffered a stroke and had to learn to stand and walk again. The next shock followed three years later: Turner developed colon cancer and later her kidneys failed.

As she revealed in her 2018 autobiography, her second husband became a lifesaver: he donated a kidney to her in 2017. What a token of love! 'Love saved my life,' Turner said at the time. She is in good health 'thanks to my beloved husband Erwin', can enjoy every day and is 'happier than ever'.

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How much she loved her Erwin, she repeatedly made it clear to the public. For Valentine's Day 2021, she captioned a couple photo on her Instagram page: 'Who would have thought that a moment of boldness would lead to decades of bliss together? I haven't. When I invited Erwin for the first time, it was a spontaneous decision. Sometimes seconds change your life. Because you feel a spark, an instant connection.”

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