Every woman needs these timeless classics in her wardrobe


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Every woman needs these timeless classics in her wardrobe
This look by fashion influencer Caro Daur shows how well the timeless classics turtlenecks and blazers go together. © andersphoto/Shutterstock, SpotOn

Capsule wardrobe tips

The clothes we wear contribute a lot to the impact we have on the outside world. If you want more confidence in your appearance, you can achieve this by adding a few timeless classics to your wardrobe. After all, it's not for nothing that the saying 'clothes make the man' exists. The following items of clothing are the ideal basics for a timeless look that exudes natural elegance.

Plain turtleneck sweater

A simple, fitted turtleneck sweater in a neutral color like black, grey, white or beige adds a timeless touch to different looks. High-quality materials such as cashmere express the fact that quality has a high priority in one's own life. The turtleneck sweater can be styled with other classics from the wardrobe to create a timeless look. For example in combination with your favorite pair of well-fitting jeans and a casually cut blazer.

The perfect blouse

In addition to investing in a high-quality turtleneck sweater, it is worth looking for the perfect blouse. This flatters your own body shape and is ideal for any type of business appointment. In addition, they visually enhance simple jeans and, like the turtleneck sweater, can be easily combined with other classic items of clothing.

Well-fitting jeans

There is almost no occasion where well-fitting jeans are out of place. The emphasis here is on a cut and wash that perfectly suits your body shape. If you don't want to risk a bad buy here, the best thing to do when buying your timeless favorite jeans is to go to a specialist shop for advice. The staff on site often has a very good eye for which jeans fit best.


If a blouse and turtleneck sweater are out of place, a crewneck sweater in unisex colors is the best choice. This garment can also be combined with jeans without any problems. But also with more elegant items of clothing such as wide-cut suit trousers and a blazer - if you appreciate a break in style, you can let your creative freedom run free here.


As a timeless classic, a well-tailored blazer should not be missing from any well-stocked wardrobe. Whether for a job interview, a business meeting or a fancy dinner: A blazer in neutral colors such as black, gray or beige quickly turns a simple t-shirt and jeans combination into a high-quality outfit. If you want to go with the fashion zeitgeist in 2023, wear a waist belt with the blazer. Emphasizing the middle of the body is in.

Neutral T-Shirt

This brings us to another important part of every wardrobe. For a timeless look, you don't need 100 T-shirts with loud statements. To ensure a cohesive overall look, it's far more advisable to invest in 2-3 really high-quality organic cotton t-shirts in neutral colors.

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