Eviction in Lützerath: Over 200 celebrities are demanding an immediate stop


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 Eviction in Lützerath: Over 200 celebrities are demanding an immediate stop
Sportfreunde Stiller, Katja Riemann and Jannis Niewöhner, among others, have written an open letter calling for the eviction of Lützerath to be stopped immediately. © Northfoto/Shutterstock / Warner Bros. Pictures / Andreas Büttner / Rene Teichmann/Shutterstock, SpotOn

Riemann, Lohmeyer, Deichkind

In an open letter, more than 200 artists and celebrities are demanding that the clearance work in the village of Lützerath be stopped.

The best-known signatories include Katja Riemann (59), Peter Lohmeyer (60), Robert Stadlober (40), Sportfreunde Stiller, Deichkind, Revolverheld, Igor Levit (35), Louisa Dellert (33), Clemens Schick (50), René Pollesch (60), Marie Nasemann (33), Armin Rohde (67), Judith Holofernes (46), Jannis Niewöhner (30), David Schütter (32), Moritz Neumeier (34) and Aylin Tezel (39).

The campaign was launched by actress Luisa-Céline Gaffron (29) and actor Jonathan Berlin (29). Both also shared the open letter on their social media channels.

In the letter 'to the federal government and the state government of North Rhine-Westphalia, to all members of the federal and state parliaments in government and opposition responsibility', the initiative calls for 'an immediate stop to the clearance work and a reassessment of the contracts between the government and RWE'.

Climate deal at risk

The signatories were horrified to note that the clearing and mining of lignite 'knowingly jeopardizes the global, essential 1.5 degree target from the Paris climate agreement from a German perspective,' the letter said. The climate crisis is a social and humanitarian crisis that must be solved politically. 'The excavation of the coal from Lützerath is therefore not just a question of the existence of a village, but a cause that is of global and climate-political trend-setting importance,' the statement continues. And: The deal that gives RWE the opportunity 'to earn billions from the coal of Lützerath without any energy policy necessity' should be overturned.

The coal under the site in the west of North Rhine-Westphalia is to be mined to generate electricity. The energy group RWE wants to reduce the estimated 1.3 billion tons, the 'Handelsblatt' assumes an additional profit of up to one billion euros for the group. The argument for the reduction is to maintain security of supply.

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