Ex-Bachelorette Gerda Lewis: She wants to get rid of these tattoo sins as soon as possible


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Gerda Lewis reveals to her Instagram followers that she was in a minor car accident.
Gerda Lewis reveals to her Instagram followers that she wants her tattoo removed. © gerdalewis / Instagram

That's it Gerda Lewis (30) but quite a mess! It shouldn't be a big secret that the ex-bachelorette attaches great importance to her appearance. After all, Gerda is always top styled on social media. However, the influencer is now bothered by something on her body – namely her tattoos. In the past, Gerda had various motifs immortalized on her body. But she now deeply regrets some of them – that's why Gerda is now having her tattoos removed and appealing to her followers!

Gerda Lewis on her tattoo sins

Gerda Lewis wants to have her tattoos removed. The Cologne native admits that she is no longer satisfied with the body art and complains about badly engraved motifs. In total she has ten tattoos on her body. This includes a lightning bolt on her upper right arm. Other unsightly tattoos such as a rose on the upper arms, the words 'Baby' and 'Girl' on the thighs should disappear as quickly as possible. 'I regret so much that I did it back then,' complains Gerda.

Reading tips: 'Badly stung, went well and scarred' – Influencer Gerda Lewis wants to have her tattoos removed

Process will take around a year and a half

Gerda Lewis is unhappy about her tattoos! © Instagram

According to the influencer, the tattoo artist who gave her some tattoos was inexperienced. That's why Gerda announced that she would like to have some of the artworks removed and revealed that this process will take around a year and a half!

However, laser treatment is no picnic! 'I can never leave the areas in the sunlight,' emphasized Gerda and clarified: 'There will be scars because some of my tattoos are already scarred. In the worst case, there will be a pigment disorder. But honestly? I find the tattoos much worse than anything else,” the 30-year-old defends her radical decision.

Gerda hopes followers can learn from her experience

At the end of her story, the ex-Bachelorette gives a speech to her followers and hopes that they can learn from her experience: 'Remember one thing: never tattoo a beginner. Don't pay attention to the price with tattoos, but to the craft To focus on!' (cba)

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