Ex-Bachelorette Melissa Damilia goes under the knife again because of breasts


Writed by - Andy Gocker
  Melissa Damilia has to have her breast implants removed for the time being.
Melissa Damilia has to have her breast implants removed for the time being. © instagram.com/melissadamilia

Actually wanted to Melissa Damilia (27) did not talk about her planned breast surgery. The reason: The ex-'Bachelorette' does not want to be exposed to criticism from outsiders when it comes to her body and past decisions. But now she is talking about the reasons for the new surgery – and also reveals why she is going public with it .

  Melissa Damilia and Paco Herb are a couple!

Melissa Damilia wants to have her implants replaced

For Melissa Damilia, her breast reduction is 'a target' for her haters that she didn't actually want to offer them. The 27-year-old clarifies this at the very beginning of her Instagram story, in which she talks about the planned surgery. Because Melissa needs and wants to have her breast implants removed – or at least replace them in the long run. The goal should be a smaller and healthier breast.

The implants that Melissa had used for 'little money' shortly after the end of her training were 'too smooth' and 'too heavy'. This causes them to move and 'crush' the lower part of their breasts, as she explains. During her first intervention, the ex-Bachelorette was 'completely wrongly advised'. She did not feel comfortable with the surgeon at the time and is now dealing with the consequences of this seemingly hasty decision.

  During her first breast surgery, Melissa became Damilia"völlig falsch beraten". und muss jetzt mit den Konsequenzen leben.
During her first breast surgery, Melissa Damilia was 'completely misadvised' and now has to live with the consequences. © instagram.com/melissadamilia

She's not the only celebrity to opt for breast reduction surgery

That's why there should finally be a remedy. Also so that Melissa's breasts are no longer a threat to the rest of her body. After several consultations, she found a doctor with whom she felt comfortable, she continues. The implants will be changed next year. The new ones should be one thing above all: smaller. 'The size I'm currently doesn't fit my body at all,' says Damilia. The reason why she is now talking so openly about her wrong decision and the new plans is an important one: her followers should do it “better” than herself. “Inform yourself before such an intervention. Take your time and think about it,” she appeals.

With her breast reduction surgery, Melissa Damilia isn't the only celebrity to opt for this step. Also stars like Sophia Thomasla (33), Kader Loth (49), Ashley Tisdale (37) and Chrissy Teigen (36) had their implants removed. The reasons for this are different for every woman - but the result is the same: They are all happier and healthier than before. (cre)

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