Ex-Bachelorette star David Friedrich storms to the top of the charts with his band


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Electric Callboy celebrates number 1 album

by Nils Osowski

These six guys from Castrop-Rauxel had to wait twelve years: Electric Callboy, the band of ex- Bachelorette -Star David Frederick (32), living the dream of every musician. With their new album 'Tekkno' the metalcore band has climbed to the top of the German charts, going straight from zero to one! And maybe because of the unconventional approach of the musical talents. The boys are very happy about the success - in the video above

Hit mix with Mia Julia

But how do the guys explain that this album of all things took off so much? They tell RTL: 'We think it's because we didn't set ourselves any limits when it came to songwriting this time. We just did what we wanted to do. It didn't matter whether it was hit, whether it was metal, a pop rock song or a punk rock song.'

Because what most people might associate with “Metal” sounds a little different than expected with drummer David and his bandmates. In the song 'Hurrikan', for example, which can be heard on the new album 'Tekkno', the musicians present a mixture of hits and metallic sounds. By the way, in the video for the curious number My Julia (35) with, her character pop singer and former erotic star.

Formerly on the road as an Eskimo callboy

The band had to wait twelve long years - that's how long ago the band was founded - for this mega success, it used to be called 'Eskimo Callboy'. As 'Morecore' reports, the formation's highest chart placement was number 31 in the single charts - with the song 'Pump It'. Previous songs peaked at around #77 and #93.

In the video: Great relief campaign by David Friedrich

"Tokio Hotel"-Gustav und David Friedrich an Ukraine-Grenze

Not only the chart placement shows how well this is received, but also YouTube: The song 'We Got the Moves' has collected 21 million clicks on the video platform, 'Pump It' has 15 million. A success that the band would hardly have dared to dream of 12 years ago. In the video above, they tell you which song has burned itself into the hearts of the band. (us)

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