Ex-BTN star Anne Wunsch opens up about her sex life after baby number 3


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Horny thing: Anne Wunsch lets the followers participate in her sex life.
Horny thing: Anne Wunsch lets the followers participate in her sex life. © Anne Wunsch / Instagram

How much sex actually fits between a triple mom life and social media updates every minute? Many a follower of mommy influencer asks that Anne wishes (31). And since the former 'Berlin – Tag & Nacht' star doesn't mince his words, the fans get the answer they're looking for right on a silver platter.

Is Anne Wunsch still getting her money's worth?

record insta stories, Sturzgeburt-Baby Savio lovingly caring (the sweet mini was born at the beginning of July) and rocking the normal everyday madness - do you still have time for sex? Clear! At least Anne wishes, as she blurts out. When asked what sex is like after three children, the Youtuber replies: 'To be honest: as before'.

A flame emoji indicates that it was apparently good before and anything but dead pants. But while the followers are on the subject of sex: how does it actually work logistically while Anne fulfills her wishes? 'Where are your kids while you're having sex?' One fan wants to know curiously. The answer? curious. 'In the basement,' writes the blonde. Well, hopefully that was either a joke - or the wish cellar leaves nothing to be desired in terms of comfort.

 Mom update from Anne Wunsch
Mom update from Anne Wunsch © anne_wuensche

But how does the good one manage to get her money's worth while the scarce time in everyday mom's life rushes away? Luckily she reveals it too. The 31-year-old finds time for intimate moments like this: “You take them!”

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Her apartment used to be sex-safe

At that time, being childless, she was still “spontaneously” “able” to go anywhere in the apartment. Nowadays, however, intimate moments would only take place in bed when all the kids are asleep. Most likely a very good idea and kind of what you'd expect from a mother influencer. (us)

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