Ex-DSDS candidate Pat Wind: Now he is making an international feature film with US stars


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Pat Wind wants to make it big in Hollywood.
Pat Wind wants to make it big in Hollywood. © Instagram/iampatwind

His appearances on German television should only be the beginning of his show career, now ex-DSDS candidate Pat Wind is aiming for the international film world. And the 29-year-old doesn't even seem that far away from that, as he now announces on Instagram. As an actor, he will be alongside Julia Roberts ’ Oscar-nominated brother, Eric Roberts, and US star Michael Paré are shooting an international feature film. The native of Mindelheim is getting closer and closer to his Hollywood dream!

'It was a great experience'

The current project he is working on is an “absolute dream of a lifetime”. He mainly owes this to his buddy, the Croatian film director Vjekoslav Katusin, who brought him on board as an executive producer and actor for the film 'Wrongful Death'. 'In the last few weeks, the shooting of the international feature film 'Wrongful Death' took place in Croatia, in which the two Hollywood legends Eric Roberts and Michael Paré took on roles,' the 29-year-old explains to his Instagram followers.

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“I am eternally grateful for this unique opportunity. It was a great experience that deepened my understanding of filmmaking and motivated me even more to continue working as a film producer and actor.'

Pat will soon be a father

In this country, Pat is not known for his acting skills, but rather for his participation in various TV formats. As a singer, he tried his luck on DSDS, on 'Take Me Out' he was looking for a partner and on 'rent, buy, live' a new apartment in Munich.

But a lot has changed in the life of the all-rounder since then – also privately. Pat married his girlfriend Schugufa Amerchel in the summer of 2022 and is now even expecting a baby with her. The actor recently revealed that it will be a boy. (lkr)

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