Ex-GNTM star Nathalie Volk: Reckoning? These are the first excerpts from her book


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  Nathalie Volk publishes her own book
Nathalie Volk now wants to unpack about the 'ups and downs' of her life. © BREUEL-BILD/T.Meyer

'In my own words' is the title of the first book by ex-GNTM participant Natalie Volk (26). In August 2022, the model announced that she was working on a tell-all book that would 'break the internet.' Now, in addition to the cover, she is also releasing the first words from the book.

Nathalie Volk wants to tell her story

Nathalie celebrated her 26th birthday on January 6th and chose this date to present the first excerpts from her planned tell-all book on Instagram. The cover shows the young woman with a thoughtful look. A woman who has already experienced a lot in life: good as well as bad. And that's exactly what her first work is supposed to be about, as a kind of foreword to her readership shows.

“Every person is different”, one reads there. 'Everyone is born into a different family, with their own problems and backgrounds,' it continues. Everyone has to fight and go through 'joy and sorrow'. So does the model who spoke publicly about it a few weeks ago, that 'Germany's Next Top Model' boss Heidi Klum (49) traumatized her . Nathalie had already commented on the content of the book in September 2022 and revealed that she was happy ' to share the whole truth “. At the time she spoke of shootings in her childhood and that some people should already be 'trembling'.

Nathalie Volks eventful history

Nathalie, who describes herself as 'Miranda DiGrande', has mainly dealt with family disputes, relationship problems and entanglements in the milieu of ' Hells Angels ' made headlines.

With her mother and Nathalie had broken her brother , as they started a relationship with rocker Timur Akbulut , to whom she was even engaged. ' I was afraid for my daughter ', told her mother Viktoria in an interview with RTL. After the breakup, the model came along again with entrepreneur Frank Otto (65). , with whom she was already in a relationship before her detour into the rocker milieu.

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It's in our hands

“I was lucky enough to experience a lot,” says the foreword of her book. 'I am very grateful for the people who have accompanied me on my way so far.' Above all, her fans, to whom she wants to 'give back' something with her story. However, she has renamed many names and identities “for reasons of private law”. 'We can't always control what happens to us. But we can decide whether our story should be a comedy or a tragedy.”

Her book, for which there is still no specific publication date, will show which direction Nathalie has decided on. '#2023', she only writes on Instagram. (vne)

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