Exclusive! Harald Glööckler gives hopeful health update


Writed by - Andy Gocker
 Fashion designer Harald Glööckler
The fans were very worried about Harald Glööckler recently. © dpa, Eva Manhart, man tsa

in unbelievable pain Harald Gloöckler (57) driven to the emergency room last weekend. He shared his diagnosis on Instagram: Herniated disc in the neck . Ouch! Now he has given RTL a health update in a voice message: A glimmer of hope.

Harald could hardly sleep at night

You can't imagine such pain, says Harald in his voice message. The 57-year-old had been virtually out of action since September 2nd. Two nerves in his neck were pinched. At some point it was so extreme that he even had to deliver his beloved dog, Billy King, to the dog sitter , because he couldn't take care of the Toy Spaniel anymore!

But it was probably exactly the right decision: 'I've now had cortisone injected directly into the nerves via X-ray observation,' he reports to RTL, 'and this has given me a little relief.' Walked in circles”, as he revealed to the German Press Agency, he was finally able to sleep again. 'Let's hope it stays that way,' said the designer to RTL. The fashion designer is therefore reunited with his beloved four-legged friend.

In the video: Harald is so burdened by his incurable illness

 This is how fibromyalgia affects Harald Glööckler's everyday life

Worry about the fashion designer

Many of his fans were already worried when Harald had hardly reported to Instagram for a few days. It was only in July that he had spoken publicly about an incurable disease , from which he has been suffering for six years: fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disease also colloquially described as an 'invisible disease'. .

In a video message, he enlightened his followers, who sent him numerous recovery wishes. But now he is finally on the mend. 'But I have to keep quiet and take it easy,' says the 57-year-old in his voice message to RTL. Apart from that, he's fine. We wish you a speedy recovery! (vne)

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